Overview all our apartments

1 room Apartments 1-2 persons

Apartment 4 (30sqm)

Apartment 4

Apartment 5 (30sqm)

Apartment 5

Apartment 6 (40sqm)

Apartment 6

Apartment H03 (40sqm)

Apartment H03

Apartment R02 (40sqm)

Apartment R02

Apartment R26 (40sqm)

Apartment R26

For our small apartments you can really say "small but comfortable". Some of them even have their own garden with terrace or a small balcony.

2 room Apartments 1-3 persons

Apartment 2 (40sqm)

Apartment 2

Apartment 3 (40sqm)

Apartment 3

2 room Apartments 1-4 persons

Apartment 1 (50sqm)

Apartment 1

Apartment 8 (50sqm)

Apartment 8

Our 2 room apartments are perfectly designed for your comfort. Each apartment has a separate bedroom where you can choose to have either a double bed or 2 single beds. Just as you prefer.

3 room Apartment 1-4 persons

Apartment 7 (50sqm)

Apartment 7

3 room Apartments 1-5 persons

Apartment F21/7 (78sqm)

Apartment F21/7

3 room Apartment 1-8 persons

Apartment 9 (110sqm)

Apartment 9 living room

Our large apartments come with much space for your family and friends. With 2 separate bedrooms you have additionally good sleeping comfort.