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A special time in Vienna

WM18-Wiener-Weihnachtstraum-Rathausplatz© WienTourismus- ChristianStemper

In just a few days Vienna will be immersed in a very special atmosphere. From mid-November onwards, the city will be bathed in a colorful atmosphere by the amazing lights of the Christmas markets.

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Explore with LENA Vienna & surroundings


The next time you're in Vienna with your children or living in Vienna, the question (and then search), what can you do with your family, has the perfect answer: LENA.

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Long night of Museums 2018

Long night of Museums 2018

Soon there will be a very special and long night waiting for you in Vienna. Because on the 6th of October the Long Night of Museums takes place and also this year you can look forward to a very special night.

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Things to consider before visiting Vienna


Filled with architectural splendidness and rich cultural settings Vienna is a great attraction for many well-travelled individuals. It embraces its history with many museums to explore and traditional buildings to engage with.

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Off to the chocolate paradise in Prater

Chocolate Museum Vienna Prater

Hello dear blog readers, my name is Laura and I'll tell you about a trip that Stephanie and I made together this time. Maybe you have heard of it before. The Chocolate Museum Vienna is not an ordinary museum, it combines history with fun and games.

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My trip to the Vienna Museum

Vienna Museum

Hello or as we say in Northern Germany Moin Moin. My name is Laura and I am 17 years old. Currently I am an intern at The Ranks GmbH and am doing a six week internship there.

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35 years Danube Island Festival

From 22nd June to 24th June, the Danube Island Festival, Europe's largest open-air festival, will take place, this year for the 35th time.

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9 fabulous things to do in Vienna


When you are planning to visit a city that is full of charm and vibrancy all around, Vienna is undoubtedly the place you should start your plans with.

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Organic honey from Hernals

Honigstadt - Honey from Vienna

Did you know that you get really good honey in Vienna? I mean one which actually comes from Vienna, where the bees flew around in the city and in the Vienna Woods?

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