2016: Imperial & Co(ntemporary)


Christian and I have been members of the Vienna Experts Club for serveral years, something which I might have already told you.

The Vienna Experts are a club organised by the Vienna Tourist Board for people working in the tourism industry in Vienna, with the aim to inform us the best way so that we can bring our guests, you, as much of our beautiful city closer. For both of us the Vienna Experts Club is very fine, as it is yet another way to collect for you even more information and tips to and also exchange these with colleagues (the tips that one gets as under the hand are always the best)

And this week, our annual advanced training took place again. 4 hours clenched information on what Vienna’s highlights in 2016 will be and what else is going on in the city. So I have now summarized a few of them for you here in the blog. More inspiration and details on events you can get as usual from Christian and me personally and also regularly here in the blog.

2016 is dedicated to the imperial heritage combined with contemporary highlights: Imperial & Co(ntemporary)

For art and culture you can look forward to quite a lot (as ususal in Vienna) this year.

One focus this year lies on the emperor Franz Joseph as it is his 100th death anniversary. There are 4 special exhibitions for you to see, more about them and the emperor you find on www.franzjoseph2016.at

But not only the former emperor has this year an honorary year, but also the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the MuseumsQuartier. The first one is celebrating its 125th anniversary. On this occasion you on your own birthday are invited to visit the museum for free (just show your ID card). And for the summer months from June to August a very special event will take place on the Museumsplatz. But that's still a secret.

The MuseumsQuartier just around the corner is celebrating its 15 year anniversary, and here you can also look forward to ongoing activities.

If we are already talking about activities, also in the Prater there are 2 new day passes, the Family Card and the Adrenaline Card, as also the Prater celebrates, namely its 250th anniversary.

Music is in the air


There are also news from the Spanish Riding School too. It has been included in the UNESCO heritage. A new musical offer waits for you too: A tribute to Vienna. Together with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra the world-famous horses provide you a very special evening.

To continue with music. Jazz lovers will enjoy the Jazz Monday at Wein & Co am Naschmarkt. Each Monday from 7pm on fine sounds pai with fine wines, admission is free.

Do you need classical music already as inspiration for your Vienna trip? Then look at the Vienna Symphonic Libary.

Who is hungry?


So much art, culture and music might make you hungry but do not worry 2016 has many culinary events too. Look forward to the Vienna Food Week in early June or the snail Festival in September. And not to forget the Filmfestival on the Rathausplatz.

If you like to explore Vienna’s culinary side then why not go on a culinary tour? Choose one othe tours offered by specialised guides on the website of the Vienna Tourist Board.

So this is just a very small piece of the huge offer Vienna has for you this year. Here in the blog I will regularly report on more highlights and events.

If you have already booked your stay, or already know when you will come to Vienna, then you can of course ask Christian and me what is going on during this time. Because that is our offer to you, that we really try our best so that you have your perfect Vienna holiday. So get yourself the first inspirations, many more will follow soon.

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse, Stephanie

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