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St. Stephen's Cathedral
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Today I bring you to the world of myths. Now when the days get shorter and the temperature decreases it is the perfect time of the year for fairy tales and stories. Comfortable at home, accompanied with a cup of tea / coffee / hot choclate diving into this enchanting world.

Myths around the St Stephen's Cathedral

For today I have one of the best known myths of Vienna for you, one that has to do with St. Stephen's Cathedral. You will learn, why one part of the church is still unfinished. You might have already noticed that one of the towers, the north tower, is shorter then the rest. This is because of one man: Hans Puchsbaum.

The builder and the devil

At that time when the cathedral was built he worked as a foreman at the construction. He was very able and skilfull and also the master-builder knew this. Puchsbaum himself had fallen in love with the daughter of the master-builder. When he finally summoned up the courage to ask the father of the hand of his daughter Maria he attached one condition to it: finalise the north tower within one year.

Puchsbaum was desperate, this was a task for a man's life not for one year. At that moment the devil appeared and offered him a pact: he finalises the north tower. In return Puchsbaum obliges that he will not mention the name of God, of the Blessed Virgin Mary od any other saint.

With a heavy heart Puchsbaum agreed. Work was going on very fast with the devil doing it. One night (like many other befoe) Puchsbaum moved up to the north tower to watch the devil working. But this night he wasn't there. Instead Puchsbaum saw Maria standing at the scaffold. In his fear that she could fall down he shouted her name to warn her.

In this moment he heard a hellishly laughter from the devil, as it was him who with a trick disguised himself as Maria. He then grabbed Puchsbaum an threw him down the tower.

The north tower still remains unfinished.....

Well there is a second myth around St. Stephen's Cathedral that explains you why so many people having tooth aches like to go there. But this is another story that has to be told later.

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