Another view over Vienna

Forest rope park on Kahlenberg

Today I have a very special attraction in Vienna for you to write about: the forest rope park on Kahlenberg.

More than just climbing on trees

Directly on the Kahlenberg a sporting challenge with a fantastic view over Vienna waits for you. On 30.000 sqm and a total length of 1.8 km you can choose from 14 courses so there is really one for everyone.

For the smaller nature lovers who yet are not allowed up high in the treetops they can try out and frolic aroun in a course near to the bottom in the "Wichtelparcour".

Vienna's largest lantern garden

A special experience (started this year) is the night climbing. From dawn on light is switched off and the lanterns on. And then you can climb in Vienna's largest lantern garden and enjoy the view over Vienna by night.

All information about the Waldseilpark you can find on Well what do you say? Now that's a different program idea for a stay in Vienna? And from our apartments you are too quite fast at Kahlenberg:-) If you are then already at Kahlenberg the next Heurigen are also not far away.

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse

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