Atumn in Vienna

Prater Hauptallee©WienTourismus-Popp-Hackner
Prater Hauptallee©WienTourismus-Popp-Hackner

During the last days it cooled down again after the big heat wave, and now the late summer has arrived here in Vienna. In the morning it's a little bit fresher and in the evening it is always a good idea to bring a light jacket. Now it is also the perfect season to explore Vienna. Or how about a walk in the Vienna Woods?

About this time of the year I have already written quite a few times here on the blog. So instead letting you search for inspiration through the older blog posts, I have prepared a compilation of the best activities for you.

Hiking in and around Vienna

Autumn is not only an ideal time for strolling through the city but also for lovely walks and hiking. Yes you read correctly, you can also take a lot of walks and also hike, as Vienna is surrounded by the Vienna Woods.

From the apartments it just takes you a few minutes with the tram 43 out of town and you are directly there. What the Vienna Woods offer you I have put together in " Vienna in autumn offers hiking holidays". Some insiders’ tips included

Fresh air makes you hungry

Wieninger am Nussberg©WienTourismus Peter Rigaud
Wieninger am Nussberg©WienTourismus Peter Rigaud

As it is widely known that fresh air makes you very hungry, I have one more Wiener original for you, the Viennese wine taverns (Wiener Heurige). Vienna wine culture meets unpretentious food meets good mood, that would be the short version, the full version you can find at "Viennese Heurige close by" and "The Dornbacher Pfarrer opens again"

Autumn and apples do belong together. And it would not be Vienna if we would not make with the apples some delicious sweet to accompany the coffee. You know, Vienna is famous for all its sweets and cakes. So the most famous we do with apples is the Applestrudel. Making it by yourself is quite easy but if you want to learn it from a professional chef then read “Strudel for All

More than just coffee and cake

Kunst-und Naturhistorisches Museum ©WienTourismus F3
Kunst-und Naturhistorisches Museum ©WienTourismus F3

Let's stay with coffee and cake. You know that Vienna is world famous for its coffee houses. However, tea lovers are not forgotten (I am one myself ...) and so you can find especially in the city center some very stylish and comfortable alternatives to a coffee house. But read by yourself "A fine cup of tea".

Rain does not matter

Coffee and tea houses are a great alternative when the weather is not so fine. But I have a few more ideas what you can do to skip rainy weather. "What to do in Vienna if the weather is not that good? 6 alternative program proposals"

Well, aren’t this many inspirations for what you can do in the coming weeks in Vienna. It does not always have to be the things written in the guide, just get off the beaten track and discover all the other facets of Vienna. And if you need more ideas, go on reading also the other blog posts.


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