Ausgsteckt is' at the wine tavern

Especially now that the summer is coming to an end (and is then hopefully followed by a beautiful autumn) you should not miss an opportunity to enjoy a few evenings outdoors. So what can be better than ejnying an evening in a "Heurigen" (Viennese wine tavern).

And such a "Heurigen" close to the apartments has now "augesteckt". For all that do not knwo this expression it simply means the tavern is open. To be more specific, I am talking about the "Dornbacher Pfarrer," which is just a few minutes walk from the apartments. From 06th September to 16th September daily from 17h-23h, you can enjoy fine wine and tasteful food.

The Heurigen, as the name suggests, is located right next to a church where also a Kirtag invites you to spend your time, namely 14th and 15th September the "Rupertikirtag".

So my dear readers and guests, if you are in Vienna during these days, then why not spending an evening there? Just do not forget to make your reservation at 01/48 64 675, the Heurigen is quite well known.

So enjoy the coming days of late summer, greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse Yours Stephanie

PS:. The next time the Heurigen is open, my dear readers and guests, is 29th November to 9th December.

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