Fall starts traditional in Vienna

Wiener Wiesn 2015

Christian and I back from our holidays relaxed and full of energy for new projects and topics. So the blog will now focus again on the well known topics Vienna, Hernals and news from the apartments.

Today it is all about the next big event in Vienna, which starts at September 24th. What it is? Just read on.

Hearty autumn

Munich and the Oktoberfest are widly known and are for many people a fixed date in the fall. However, for some time now, there comes competition from Austria, more precisely from Vienna too. The Wiener Wiesn.

Have you ever heard of it? If so, then you surely know already what you can again look forward to this year, although there might also be new offers to explore.

If you haven't heard or read about it so far, then read on as I have put together a fine overview for you, what is going on.

The Prater becomes "the Wiesn"

So the most important things first, the Wiener Wiesn will be held from September 24th to October 11th, directly on the Kaiserwiese infront of the amazing scenery of the Giant Ferris Wheel really an unique setting for this festival.

So what can Austria's biggest traditional and folk music festival can offer you? Much I have to say. There 3 festival tents, 4 "Almen" pasture chalets, the Wiesn-village (Wiesndorf) and for the children the NÖM Children corner are waiting for you.

The tents wait with different music program like DJ Ötzi, Edlseer, the Wild Kerln, the 4 mountain gypsies and much more for you. Relaxed atmosphere might make you hungry too, so it will be taken care with hearty local food from Brettljause to Wiener Schnitzel that you won't leave hungry. Same goes with the 4 chalets where good atmosphere meets local food too.

The Wiesn-village itself invites you in addition to linger around, to see and be seen, and of course music and culinary delights wait there too. Although costumes are not mandatory, but if you have one, then why not dress yourself up?


Visitors from the provinces

But the Wiener Wiesn is not just a pure Viennese festival, but also will be visited by representants from Austria's provinces. These bring on 9 different days folklore, music and culinary specialties to Vienna. Look forward to presentations of their own customs, culinary specialities and music.

Party atmosphere in the evening

From 18:30 on the Wiener Wiesn turns to party mode as in the tents the Wiesn-party starts. Tickets you have to reserve in advance, but more about them in a second. And on September 27th especially for the younger visitiors the costume-clubbing takes place. The motto of this year's clubbing, which is dedicated to the Styrian costumes, is: "humor, fun & full speed"

The information stuff at the end


As I said the Wiener Wiesn goes from 24.9 until 11.10. So a there is still some time for you to plan your visit to Vienna, but do not wait too long, the courts at the Wiener Wiesn are highly sought after.

Talking about the tickets, not everything is entirely free. Monday and Tuesday you have free entry all day long. Wednesday to Saturday, when then the party time starts, there are special party tickets to buy (starting from EUR 32.50).

If you (from 12h to 17:30) like a fixed place at a table in the tents, then you should definitely reserve it online in advancee.

So the best is look on the website of Wiener Wiesn, where you really find all the important information, the detailed program and many other information.

Well what do you say to the Viennese version of the Oktoberfest? Worth a visit? Munich or Vienna? On the other hand, why don't you visit both festivals, then you do not have to take a decision.

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse


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