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On some days, a sweet, tart fragrance can be smelled in the streets around the Appartements Ferchergasse that actually do not come from the Manner company but a bit further away. So what do I exactly mean and what does that have to do with today's blog post? Read it by yourself.

Perhaps you might have already guessed it, another well-known company is located not far away from us and this one is responsible for exactly this fragrance, namely the Ottakringer Brewery. Here the whole year the well-known beer of the same name is produces, but the next few weeks are very special, because the brewing culture weeks take place again.

The world of beer as a guest in Vienna

From 02 July to 02 September, the brewery dedicated to the Austrian and international brewing culture. Brewing culture weeks sound interesting right? It is, because what waits for you is a great program that is all dedicated to beer. But you do not have to be a total beer lover to enjoy this festival. Because it is you much more than just beer and also for kids the program is great.

Now, what is waiting for you on the large outdoor area in front of the Ottakringer brewery. On the one hand during nine weeks a total of 9 guest breweries will come to Vienna and bring their whole offer with them. On every Thursday, there is the official beer tapping for the new guest brewery which is then presented one week long and bid farewell on Wednesday of the following week.

Beery highlights all week long


The week itself is planned quite well, one highlight after the other:

Friday beer games, a Beerolypmiade and brewery tours are organised for you, Saturday, there is a colorful children's program and then in the evening live music, Monday you can attend beer seminars where you will learn all about beer brewing and can again take again part in a brewery tour. Tuesday is quite mysterious, because a surprise is waiting for you. Wednesday we continue with the brewery tours and the guest brewery which was now there for a week is bid farewell.

What I did not tell you so far that of course they also take care about food, so many culinary delights just wait for you. Whether you like hearty sausages or burgers, or prefer Viennese specialties or pasta, I'm quite sure you do not go away hungry from there.

The administrative stuff at the end


That's a great program that waits for you there, right? So here are some general information about the brewing culture weeks. It is open Monday to Saturday,
always from 15h to 24h also if the weather is not that great.

The full program you can find on the website of the Ottakringer brewery. From us you come quite easily to the Ottakringer brewery. You can either walk there which is a nice walk through the district and you are there within 20 minutes. Or go there by bus 10A and then by tram 2. Back, well, that depends how beery your evening was.

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse

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