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Cafe Ocean' Sky ©Hans Köppen
Cafe Ocean' Sky ©Hans Köppen

Vienna as a marine biology research center .... Yes this was a real plan.

How it all began ...

So, you take an old, anit-aircraft tower (built 1942-1945) and combine it with marine biological research with the aim to establish Vienna as the center for this topic. Now maybe you are thinking that this is a contradiction in terms, since Vienna and the sea do not fit together. Yet from these two ingredients a brilliant fixture in Vienna emerged, the House of the Sea in the sixth district.

After the end of World War II, peaceful times returned, and Vienna now had 6 massive anit-aircraft towers, which were no longer needed for their original purpose. As these towers were built extremely stable, really for eternity, tearing them off was not the solution. So alternative usages had to be found.

In 1957 the tower in the Eszterhazypark was transformed to a "House of the Sea", the first seawater aquarium in Austria with the goal to establish a "center of European marine research" there. Over the years, a fascinating underwater world arose on several floors, which is now constantly updated with new aquariums and "residents". And that, although it is for each new aquarium the same challenge, how to get best through meter-thick reinforced concrete?

Well, the goal to be THE center of European marine research was not achieved entirely, maybe Vienna is really too far away from the sea. Nevertheless, the research in the House of Sea achieved to highly specialise in some areas and take part in the global research

... today a colorful underwater world exists in the middle of Vienna


Now what awaits you in the House of the Sea? On more than 4,000 m² you can marvel and watch more than 10,000 marine animals. Especially the giant tortoise and the sharks are the stars of the underwater world. Other highlights are definitely the Tropical House and the Krokipark with free-flying birds and funny monkeys. What should not miss when visiting, is the ninth floor. Here you can find the Cafe Ocean 'Sky from which you have a wonderful panoramic view over the whole city.

Also interesting is the outside of the tower, this is rented to the Austrian Alpine Club, who runs a 35m climbing wall there. So you can climb up to the observation deck or take comfortably the lift.

All information around the House of the Sea you find as usual on their website

Have fun exploring Vienna’s underwater world!

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