Cooling down around the corner

Today it is really one of the hottest days of the year in Vienna, so therefore I assume every chance for cooling down is welcome right?That's why I thought, my dear readers and guests, I will not hide my personal tip for cooling down from you.

It is not far away from the apartments and can be taken home with you (which definitely speaks for the refrigerator with integrated freezer compartments in all the apartments again :-)).

What it is? I'm talking about the ice cream parlor Arnoldo just around the corner on the Hernalser Hauptstraße 145, so really only a few steps away from the apartments. And there all sorts of icy delights are waiting for you: numerous fruity, chocolaty, nutty, ... Varieties really do not make it easy to decide.

And who prefer to stay right there, has even a larger choice between many ice cream creations such as forest coup, the classic banana split, ice cream cakes and much more.

The only tip I can give you, go and try it.

I wish you a nice Sunday

Yours sincerely Stephanie from the Appartements Ferchergasse

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