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Today my dear readers and guests I have a guest article for you. A kind of thank you to colleagues from the Netherlands as I had the chance to publish on their website a nice article about Vienna and of course about the Appartements Ferchergasse.

Vienna has always been regarded as the cultural capital of Europe. Over the years, this aspect has not edged , as the city is rich in cultural events, exhibitions and various museums, but also famous for its vibrant party scene. Regardless of the season Austria and especially its capital attracts a large amount of visitors . So should you plan your October holiday in Austria it should also bring you to Vienna , because at the end of October, the annual film festival , the Viennale takes place.
Over the course of two weeks , in five cinemas , the Metro Cinema, Cinema Urania , Gartenbaukino , Künstlerhauskino and the City movie , 300 films, shorts and documentaries are presented. The Viennale is Austria's largest cinematic event, this year for the 51st time. A series of international films and short films with different themes and genres will be presented to the public. One of the key components of this festival are the documentaries, a special highlight for both locals and tourists, who want to see something special.

This year's highlight is the three and a half hour long documentary " Les dernier des injustes " that handles the still delicate subject of the Holocaust.

This year's retrospective of the festival is dedicated to Jerry Lewis ' career he made as an actor , director and author a name.

The homage of the festival goes to Will Farrell. The famous comedian will be guest of the Viennale and also has chosen for this event some of his best works.

Apart from films , documentaries and special programs / retrospective / tribute , the festival includes discussions, lectures , exhibitions, concerts and parties.

So if you are looking for a cultural holiday in October , this festival takes place between the 24th October and the 6th November . The cards are available from 19th October on.

When planning a fall vacation in Austria do not forget a visit to Vienna . Aside from the historic sights , Austrian cuisine and entertaining party scene that, the Viennale can enrich your vacation to make it an unforgettable experience.

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