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Bratislava2@MS Agency
Bratislava2@MS Agency

Today I start a new series of blog posts where I will introduce you attractive excursions easily to be done in one day to get to know also the near (and distant) surrounding of Vienna.

Today it goes to Bratislava

I start today with Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, which is perfect for a day trip. And what makes this trip so special, even the journey can already be something different, if you take the boat to get there. But one after the other.

Bratislava is approximately 80km away from Vienna and is also located on the Danube. Highlights of the city are the charming old town with its numerous street cafes, restaurants, historic buildings, museums, galleries and the castle the landmark of Bratislava, perched high above the city on a hill.

But also culturally the city has much to offer and the theater and the opera are known far beyond the city borders. What else awaits you in Bratislava you can find on the website of the Bratislava Tourist Board „Visit Bratislava“.

Your arrival by boat, train, bus or car

Bratislava4@MS Agency
Bratislava4@MS Agency

Have I now made you curious about exploring Bratislava? If so, then still the question remains, how to best get there? I have already told you that the journey can be an experience in itself, namely if you get there by boat.

From Schwedenplatz the Twin City Liner, a hydrofoil, takes you directly to Bratislava. Tickets and travel times can be found on the website

If you prefer to travel by train, then there is a special offer by the ÖBB called "Bratislava Ticket".

Very comfortable is also by bus. Here Flixbus offers you all day direct connections. Just look on the website for the departure times. The ride itself takes approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

Even with the car it only takes you about an hour to the capital of Slovakia. For the quickest way just ask Christian or me.

All from one source

Bratislava1@MS Agency
Bratislava1@MS Agency

Do you wish to leave the planning and organization of your trip to Bratislava to specialists then I recommend you the two tours of the Vienna Sightseeing Tours. Here you have the possibility to either go to Bratislava by bus or bus and boat, get an exciting tour through the city and be picked up directly from us at the Appartements Ferchergasse.

You can book your tour already online from home or simply with us directly.

No matter how you decide, Bratislava is really worth a visit and you can make the city trip comfortably in one day.

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse


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