Need a relax day in hot springs?

Thermal baths in Vienna - relax and enjoy
(c) Therme Wien

Today I have a suggestion for you if you want to leave the dreary weather or the pre-Christmas stress behind you. So what can you do if on days like those you prefer warm water, sauna and spa?

Why to look far away?

So why not make a day off and enjoy it in a thermal bath with spa area? Now do you might thing, well that sounds great, but where to find such a place in Vienna? Are the not all at least a 1 if no longer hours drive from Vienna. And then this does not sound like a relaxing day anymore.

You're absolutely right, a long journey does no have to be, because the good news is, you do not have to leave Vienna, as we have our own large thermal landscape. What I am talking about is the Therme Wien Oberlaa, that you can quite easily reach by tram.

From the beginnings of a sulfur source .....

Thermal baths in Vienna - more than just a spa
(c) Cathrine Stukhard/Therme Wien

For nearly 40 years you can find at this location the thermal baths. Earlier this thermal baths really used to have a very medical touch and you could smell the sulfur miles away.

As a child I used to be in Oberlaa a few times (as it was not a long drive from my grandparents' garden) and I can still remember this very special smell of sulfur. Also that there used to be only one pool where you could really swim and sprinkle around a bit. And when afterwards I really got hungry then there was a booth at the exit where I got a small sesame loaf.

Thermal baths in Vienna - your day of relaxation
(c) Cathrine Stukhard/Therme Wien

.... to a modern spa experience

But this is now a thing of the past, because 2010 the Therme Wien reopened after a complete renovation and renewal. And the result is really worth looking at it.

Here a short overview:

At a total area of 75.000m² you will find 4.000 m² water area, about 3.000 m² Saunaarea, more than 6.000 m² medical area and ca. 1.200 m² fitness area.

Next to top-class architecture and an appealing design you can find massagebeds, finnish sauna, steam baths, salt- and grotto basins, yacuzzis, diving towers, adventure slides but also kids animation and the first thermal bath library in Austria.

All the details to the really huge offers you can find at the website of Therme Wien. You can start your spa day already completly relxed at home as you can buy the tickets online. Just go to our event site, search for "Therme" and choose the ticket that is perfect for you.

And the sesam loaf? Maybe you still get it at the exit...

Enjoy your relaxing day in Oberlaa and I wish you a pleasant 1st Advent-Sunday,

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse

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