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Christian and I had the possibility a few days ago with the Vienna Experts to see 2 of the 4 exhibitions on the occasion of the centenary of the death of Emperor Franz Joseph.

Exactly 100 years ago, 1916, Emperor Franz Joseph died, and on that occasion the current year is also dedictated to the imperial heritage. A bit about that I have already told you in the last blog entry.

With a total of 68 years of rule, he was one of the longest serving ruler who lived in a time of great changes and new systems.

Four locations – four topics

There are now 4 locations to 4 themes where you can visit the special exhibitions that are more than excellent:

Schloss Schönbrunn – Man & Monarch

Kaiserliche Wagenburg Wien – Majesty & Modesty

Hofmobiliendepot Wien – Festivities & Everyday Life

Schloss Niederweiden - Hunting & Recreation

Schloss Schönbrunn – Man & Monarch


The first two exhibitions Christian and I visited and we were very impressed.

In Schloss Schönbrunn (Schönbrunn Palace) itself, the exhibition is dedicated to the person and monarch Franz Joseph.

You will gather many insights to his life, work and the historical conditions around. Of course, a part of the exhibition is also dedicated to his world famous wife Empress Elisabeth "Sisi".

Many interesting exhibits round off the exhibition. I liked it very much and took lots of impressions and background knowledge with me.

Kaiserliche Wagenburg Wien – Majesty & Modesty


Just a few steps away from Schloss Schönbrunn the second location of the exhibitions is already waiting, the Kaiserliche Wagenburg (Imperial Carriage Museum). And that is truly impressive, because here the original carriages of Emperor Franz Joseph are shown.

From the "simple" everyday life carriage to the pompous festive carriage you will get an impressive view on the former transportation here. I really recommend you this exhibition too if you're already in Schönbrunn Palace.

Hofmobiliendepot Wien – Festivities & Everyday Life and Schloss Niederweiden - Hunting & Recreation


The exhibition at the Imperial Furniture Collection and Schloss Niederweiden we have not seen yet, but the former is definitely still on our plan. And maybe we also make it to Schloss Niederweiden.

Schloss Niederweiden itself is about 50 km away from Vienna, just nearby Schloss Hof. Ideal if you want to make a day trip. Both are really beautiful and the parks invite you to a leisurely stroll.

Die wichtigen Infos zum Schluss

At www.franzjoseph2016.at you can find all information about the exhibitions and much more background knowledge on each topic.

If you want to see more than one exhibition (which I strongyl recommend), then there is also a cost-effective combination ticket.

Another little tip on the edge, if you would like to view the exhibitions at Schönbrunn Palace, but want to skip queuing in the lane, simply rush in to our office and we will print you the tickets in advance.

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse,


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