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Highlights of the ball season in Vienna

An opera transforms for one night into a ballroom? A hall full of men and women in evening gowns? Masked ladies hurrying to Hofburg? What is behind all of that?

Dazzling nights, gorgeous robes, excited young ladies and gentlemen committees, midnight Quadrille, classical music and hot rhythms. This is what ball nights are made of and Vienna has an amazing variety to offer. Because now in January and February is the peak season of the balls in Vienna.

Traditionally during the carnival time you are really spoilt for choice which ball you choose from the plethora of offers.

Will it be the sweet Confectioner ball, the good-humored Kaffeesieder ball, the musical Vienna Philharmonic Ball, or the Rudolfina Redoute with their mysterious masked women? Do you prefer the Hofburg, the City Hall or smaller establishments? Or should it be the Opera ball, with a lot of glitz and glamor as the highlight of the ball season?

Not really easier for your decision is the large overview of the ball calendar for the coming weeks in Vienna.

All around the perfect ball evening

Ball season in Vienna

If you are in Vienna only for a short time and do not have the time for a complete dance class, how about a quick refresher or if you do not have any dance experience at all take a whirlwind tour in the waltz? Exactly that offers you Viennesewaltz.at where you can just drop in and in one hour learn the most important basics. So "Hop on, Waltz!"

Another issue is of course the perfect gown. If you still need the big evening gown you can also easily borrow one in Vienna. Where you find the best selection Vienna.at has compiled for you.

One possibility for a ball evening also spent cozily at home is the Opera ball as it will be broadcasted live on TV. So you sit relaxed at home and view the hustle and bustle with a glass of champagne, exquisite snacks and follow what is going on in the Opera and the world of celebrities.

In this sense: "Alles Walzer!"

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