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Since we got a big stack of brochures about several exhibitions in Vienna on Thursday, I want to share the infos with you, my dear readers and guests. Right now that the weather is not so friendly, so visiting an exhibition or museum is now a fine way to spend a day in Vienna.

Two new exhibitions can be found in the Unteres Belvedere. Till 2nd February you can see the exhibition " Emil Nolde - in radiance and colour". You will see a selected cross-selection of his work, focusing on the " unpainted pictures" which he created in secret since in 1941 he was prohibited from painting . This exhibition offers you an impressive view of the works of the German Expressionist.

If you are already in the Belvedere, you can also visit another exhibiton, "The Master of the Lichtenstein Castle and his time". As the master of Lichtenstein Castle , a Viennese painter was called in around 1450. He was one of the most innovative artists at this time. His works are scattered all over the world and are now exhibited together once for a short time . Together they provide a powerful altarpiece.

Just recently opened the Winter Palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy in the city . It served as his artful living and representation residence. The first exhibition is now dedicated to Prince Eugene and the history of the house.

So that's a nice art program, right? In between take a break in a cozy coffee house and you have a fine program for a bad weather day in Vienna.

Wish you a nice Sunday evening,

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse

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