Farmers' Markt at Yppenplatz

Farmers' market at Yppenplatz

Now that the Ice Saints ("Eisheiligen") and the cold, rainy weather are gone it is again farmers' market time every Saturday. I have not told you where we get our weekly supply of fruits and vegetables? Then you really must continue reading ...

At Yppenplatz much is going on

Just a few minutes away from the Appartements Ferchergasse you can find the Yppenplatz. Not only that during the week you get ther lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, every Saturday from 9h to 13h you will find there also a farmer's market.

The farmer's market has much to offer

Then the farmers come from near and far to present their goods and the offer is really amazing. From small, fine companies with highly selected specialties to large farmers you can find everything there. So you can choose among unusual fruits and vegetables, fine bread, sausage and cheese, homemade drinks, beautiful flower bouquets and so much more. But why am I telling you long about it, best you look there yourself.

I demonstrate Christian every time that with rucksack and Vespa I can bring home a lot of fresh goods.

It is not only the market...

The Yppenplatz is not only known for its market, but you can find there also a lot of very nice and good restaurants around. But that I keep for another blog.

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse


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