Fine coffee in the Schottenstift

Cafe Diglas in the Schottenstift
Cafe Diglas in the Schottenstift

Christian and I are regularly asked, which cafe we can recommend in Vienna. Now that is in a city, which is world-famous for its coffee house culture a bit difficult, since there are all over Vienna really very good, cozy coffee houses of very different kind.

And I too are also always happy when I find a new coffee house where I can sit and chat with a friend just comfortable, get good coffee, fine sweets and simply let the soul dangle. I have a few favorite places, but new ones are also very welcome. And one that I really like, I present you today: the Cafe Diglas in the Schottenstift.

At this location the Schottenstift there has been a coffee house for a long time, but of the quality was not very appealing, unfortunately. The location, right next to Schottentor and the university, and the huge indoor patio were the ideal conditions for a very cozy place.

A place to stay - the Viennese coffee house

Coffee and sweets in the Cafe Diglas
Coffee -and-cakes©Cafe-Diglas

The Cafe Diglas in the Schottenstift has now been open for almost a year and I can still remember how delighted I was when I discovered that the family Diglas had taken over the old coffee house and the Viennese city center now has another Cafe Diglas.

Since then I have been here several times, and it was always very comfortable

Why do I write you about that?

The Cafe Diglas is known not only for good coffee and excellent quality of the dishes, but above all the fine home made pastries and sweets. I already knew the other locations in the city center, and was always very satisfied with the perfect combination of cozy ambience, coffee and food.

In the summer, but also in autumn when the sun rays are warming up the city, the Cafe Diglas in the Schottenstift has yet another highlight, the hidden garden in the inner courtyard of the Schottenstift, where you sit under beautiful big chestnut trees. From the busy activity outside you notice nothing here and can really leave the hustle and bustle of the city for a while behind you.

Garden of the Cafe Diglas     Sitting in the garden of the Cafe Diglas

Which cake shall it be?

delicious cakes at Cafe Diglas
delicious cakes at Cafe Diglas

As I said, the pastries and sweets here are excellent and as you see in the picture, the choice which cake to try is quite difficult. So the only thing that helps: to come back and taste the other dreamlike cakes.

So, next time you are in the Viennese city center and want to experience Viennese coffee house culture, then I can recommend you the coffee houses of the family Diglas. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy it.

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse


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