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This year Europe's largest cultural and culinary festival celebrates its 25th anniversary. Where will it take place? Right in the middle of Vienna, directly on the Rathausplatz.

Same procedure as every year might come into your mind if you ask people by the beginning of July until the beginning of September: Where can we go out? (Or, alternatively, for the people who have to work here in Vienna: Where do we go after work?)

In most of the cases you get the same answer: let us go to the Rathausplatz. So what attracts countless people every evening to Rathausplatz that is located right in front of the mayor's office. It is not the Christmas market, this is for sure the wrong time of year. But what is it then?

Well, it is already the 25th time that the annual Film Festival takes place from 4th July to 6th September. And also this year you can look forward to a lot of cultural and culinary highlights. It is precisely this mix of culture and enjoyment in the open air in front of an impressive scenery right in the middle of Vienna that makes this festival so unique

Culture outdoors

Culturally a colorful program is offered a to you again. Every night you have the opportunity to watch on the giant screen great performances from all genres like opera, film, ballet, concert and much more and this for free.

So look forward to La Traviata, La Boheme, Swan Lake, Kiss me Kate, Queen Hungarian Rhapsody Live In Budapest 1986 Fantasia and so much more. So check the full program on the website and find your personal favourites.

Culinary delights from around the world


But it is not only culture that waits for you as this festival also pays its tribute to being a culinary festival. Around the whole Rathausplatz gastronomic delights just wait for you to take you on a culinary journey around the world. Whether you are in the mood for a cold beer, Greek specialties, Italian pastas, stir-fries or maybe fish it all and much, much more can be found here so that really no wish (or better no taste) will be unfulfilled. Hungry? Then get mouthwatering inspirations right at this overview.

Everything Else ...

You just had a look at the website and now face the fact, that there are so many things you want to see and eat there? Then plan your time in July and August and get there more than once to fully enjoy all the great things.

So what else is there to know about this unique festival. It is open daily from 11h - 24h. They really do not want to prevent you from getting lunch or an afternoon snack there. As soon as nightfall is there, the performance starts and you then can ejoy the full cultural offer.

Well, do you want to experience this great atmosphere combining culture and enjoyment by yourself? As I said, all detailed information and the full program can be found on the website of the film festival.

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