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Altwiener Christkindlmarkt in Vienna
Altwiener Christkindlmarkt in Vienna

In the last blog article I already wrote you many inspirations, what you can do in the weeks before Christmas in Vienna. Today, I have a small personal report from me about the Christmas markets I have visited in the last days.

So far, I am very well off the pre-Christmas-obligatory "we go to drink a punch", this week a former work colleague managed to get me out into the cold (you might have already noticed that I am a summer person).

For this I took the opportunity to stroll around the Altwiener Christkindlmarkt and the Christmas Market Am Hof.

Christmas markets in the city center

The Altwiener Christkindlmarkt is one of my favorite markets, even if it is often, especially in the evening, very crowded. Because here there are not only very nice stalls, but also my absolute favorite: the non-alcoholic punch of Demmers teahouse. It tastes just heavenly.

If you like to eat chocolate, then you have to look at the stall of Bonbon et Chocolat, here everything is handmade with love. My friend Sabrina has already written about this special shop on her blog.

Bonbon et Chocolat      Bonbon et Chocolat

What I like so much about this market is that the individual stalls really sell mostly handmade things and it is not quite as kitsch as some other market.

Then I went to the Christmas market am Hof, where I met my colleague. Since I had planned enough time, I walked around the market too. Also on this market there are a lot of crafts and of course Christmas things to buy. In between many stands with food and punch.

And as I said, summer person meets cold season, after a punch and a nice conversation I was then very glad to be back home in the warmth.

Vegan Christmas Market

Small and a bit different than all the other Christmas markets you know is the best to describe it and it always takes place only Saturdays and Sundays. A friend and I were already very curious, what awaits us here, because the announcement in Facebook was already very inviting.

The vegan Advent market is located at the beginning of Schwarzenbergpark, directly at Allee Beisl, which is known for its very good vegan food far beyond the district boundaries. The market itself is very small, but everything is vegan, handmade and presented with love and enthusiasm by the exhibitors. And afterwards, you can enjoy a good meal at Allee Beisl.

So let's see if it there will be another Christmas market this year or if I prefer to stick to homemade punch or mulled wine at home. Because that is also very comfortable.

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