9 fabulous things to do in Vienna


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When you are planning to visit a city that is full of charm and vibrancy all around, Vienna is undoubtedly the place you should start your plans with. It is the capital city of Austria, where you will find a perfect amalgamation of history and urban living at the same time. It is often recognized as a city that is worth happy living. The inhabitants of Vienna lead a high-quality life.

Let's share some of the fascinating facts about Vienna that make it different from many other European cities. To start with, it can be said that the city, as well as the citizens, are immersed in the cultural pleasure. Not only that, Vienna is often indicated as the economic and political epicenter of Austria. On the other hand, the city is often referred to as a City of Music and also the City of Dreams.

It is evident that the lifestyle in the city is divided into two entirely different ways. Still, the inhabitants are carrying forward the two parts simultaneously, with similar grace. It is, undoubtedly, the most fabulous charm that makes the place apart from the rest.

As a visitor or tourist in Vienna, you will be able to explore the charm and also enjoy it. On the one hand, you will witness the old historical buildings, palaces, cathedrals carrying the essence of the classic architecture. Similarly, on the other hand, you will be able to observe the beauty of the modernity scattered all around the city.

Here is a list of 9 fabulous things that you can enjoy when you are on your trip to Vienna for the very first time.


A Wide Glimpse of the city in Giant Ferris Wheel

The first step you should take while thinking about enjoying Vienna for the first time is to take an extensive close look at the city. Choose the Giant Ferris Wheel to have a view of the city from the top. Do visit Prater amusement Park for the ride. As you choose to go for it at the first step, it will surely be a thrilling experience for you.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is not worthy of a miss

The Romanesque gothic designs and curving on the walls of the cathedral is something that will allure you. The cathedral is located in Stephansplatz, and it almost rules the skyline of Vienna. The cathedral is considered to be one of the most visited places by the tourists all over the world. Apart from the breath-taking sculptural beauty, you will be able to visit a total of 18 altars and small chapels as you take entry to the cathedral premises. Moreover, there are a tombs and catacombs as well.

Leap at the wildlife – Vienna Zoo

Well, Vienna is not limited to the architectural glimpses, but you can get a chance to get up close to the wildlife. Make a plan to visit Schönbrunn Palace where you will find, Vienna’s oldest zoo that is Tiergarten Schönbrunn. From giant pandas to giraffe to sea lion, you will get to see an extensive variety of animals all around the zoo.

Try Viennese cuisine

Food undoubtedly plays a significant part in the exploration of any specific place, and without trying out the Viennese cuisine; your trip will remain unfulfilled. Try some Viennese schnitzel with potato salad, Goulash, Tafelspitz (boiled beef), apricot dumplings, the famous Sachertorte and so much more and you will experience how excellent the food over the place is.

Go for an opera show

If you are in Vienna and have not experienced an opera show, you have undoubtedly missed something that is worthy. You can have the best musical experience of your life as you go for one of the shows in Vienna State Opera.


Mumok – A take to the modern art

If you want to have a hint of the contemporary art of Vienna, visiting Mumok should be considered as a must thing to do. Mumok stands for Museum Moderner Kunst. It is a museum where the evidence of Austria's modern art practice is quite visible. You can guess what revolutionary ideas you will be getting inside as soon as you stand in front of the museum. And afterwards stroll around in the Museumsquartier, enjoying the atmosphere, a tasty bite to eat and the other museums there.

Have a bite of the local Life at the various markets

Marketplaces are counted as the heart of any city as those give the outsiders the microscopic view of local living patterns. Brunnenmarkt, Naschmarkt, Meislmarkt are the places you need to visit when you are on your way of exploring the local lives. Food stalls, fresh vegetable market and exotic seafood – well, you may lose control of wallet after getting all these.

Austrian countryside is a must visit

The Vienna Woods are the best place for experiencing the countryside of Vienna. It is located in the foothills of Northern Limestone Alps. With vast lands full of greenery all around, you will be able to hike, take boat rides on the river and have a peaceful time.

Visit in the land of butterflies

The Butterfly House in Vienna is another top attraction that you cannot afford to miss. Full of greeneries and beautiful butterflies, you will get transported to a fairy dream. It is often considered as the photographer’s paradise. Afterwards relax in the café restaurant Palmenhaus and enjoy the very special atmosphere there.

So, here is the must-to-do list for your trip to Vienna. Book your tickets, pack your bags and go for the most memorable experience you will ever have.

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