Mediterranean flair in Hernals

Restaurant Apollon ©Restaurant Apollon
Restaurant Apollon ©Restaurant Apollon

As you chose Vienna as your holiday destination you for sure like to explore all the typical Viennese things and experience the city. But how about making in between a Mediterranean evening? For the perfect mix of city trip and summer holiday.

You like that idea? Then you do not need to go far away, because in our neighborhood you will find really nice restaurants that welcome you with southern charm. So let's take a little walk.

Apollon - Ouzo, Souvlaki, Tzatziki and much Greek hospitality

Really just a few steps, just opposite at the Hernalser Hauptstraße you can find Apollon. As the name already suggests here all is about Greek food. Once you enter the restaurant you feel like being on holiday in Greece, as also the entire service consists only of Greeks.

On arrival there is the mandatory Ouzo and so the menu reads already a little bit lighter and livelier. The selection is huge (by the way also the portions, either you come very hungry or bring along enough eaters) and the dishes are really tasty. Whether you prefer typical grilled dishes or out of the oven, there's something for every taste.

Accompanied with a Greek wine (and instantly I have to think of the song by Udo Jürgens ....) and for an evening you really "forget" that you're in the middle of Vienna.

Personally I really love the garden, especially during summertime. Sitting under the large chestnut trees and letting your soul relax. You do not even notice the tram that drives past then and now.

Bodulo - Fish, Dalmatian specialties and more


From Greece, it then goes on to Dalmatia to Bodulo, Vienna's oldest and most famous fish restaurant. Before I moved to Hernals I really did not know much about this area, but Bodulo was always my answer to the question "Where can I get good fish in Vienna?"

Grilled, fried, baked in salt or in any other form, the team in Bodulo knows how to prepare fish in the most delicious way. Start with a fine Dalmatian appetizer plate and end your dinner with a homemade dessert. In addition to fish there are also a few meat dishes. The whole is rounded off by the great team around the owner Tamara.

And special wishes, no problem, just let them know. Even though it's a little higher priced, the quality and especially the freshness speaks more than just for themselves.

Well and from Dalmatia, it is also not far to Italy.

Vesuvio - Pizza and Pasta around the corner

Vesuvio ©Restaurant Vesuvio
Vesuvio ©Restaurant Vesuvio

The Italian cuisine is represented here in the neighborhood with Vesuvio. Although the restaurant itself has a slight time stamp, it always reminds me of the typical Italian restaurant from my childhood. But otherwise this also creates a very special nostalgic flair.

Really recommendable there are the pizzas and also the pasta dishes are very tasty. I have to admit that I caused a small drop in sales, because before I met Christian, Pizza Salami from Vesuvio was, well, one of its main food sources. Quite practically, and so our little Mediterranean round trip closes again, Vesuvio also offers home delivery. So you can also enjoy your pizza comfortably in your apartment.

I hope you enjoyed our culinary, Mediterranean walk. Next time we will be more on the sporty side here in Hernals.

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse


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