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As I have already written, you can now buy or book a variety of tickets, tours, excursions and much more directly in the reception with us. Therefore, I will introduce you our partners in the coming time a bit closer and tell you more about their offers as each of them really has amazing offers that just wait to be discovered by you.

Today I start with the Vienna Sightseeing Tours, which have an huge variety with which you can not only explore Vienna but also the surroundings and neighboring countries.

Explore Vienna

The classics of the Vienna Sightseeing Tours are the Hop-On-Hop-Off busses which you might have already seen in the city. Here you have the choice between different routes through Vienna, combined with guided city walks, a carriage ride or a boat trip.

In addition, there are also some special tours such as the "Third Man" tour, a segway tous, tours in Russian or Japanese, and much more.

A very interesting offer is also the Vienna Pass. About this I have already written a blogpost so you read the extended version there. In short with the Vienna Pass you explore the sights of Vienna on your own, with free admission and can use all the Hop-On-Hop-Off busses unlimited.

Excursions and tours to Vienna’s surroundings


If you want to get to know the surrounding area of Vienna closer or plan a trip to the Wachau or Salzburg, then there are also very nice offers.

For example, explore the Wachau combined with a boat trip through the stunning scenery, or how about a trip to Salzburg with a guided tour? Or a trip to the Vienna woods with its highlights like Stift Heiligenkreuz or cruising on the largest underground lake in Europe?

Discover the neighboring countries


But not only Vienna and surrounding areas wait for you, the neighboring countries have much to offer too and are ideal for a day trip.

With the Vienna Sightseeing Tours you can make an excursion to Budapest, Prague or Bratislava. Always with a very interesting program, full-service and with reasonable prices.

Choose and book

A special, very convenient service the Vienna Sightseeing Tours offer you too: Picking you up directly from us at the Appartements Ferchergasse. So you start your tour relaxed right from our location and do not have to go somewhere else. This service is of course included in the price.

You see, the offer is huge, and this is just a small sample of it. Look therefore also on the website to see the full range of offers. All tours and offers you can then book quite comfortably either online at home or directly with us at the reception.

Christian and I will also help you to find the perfect one for you. And you can also make bookings really very short term, some tours even on the same day.

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse


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