Musicians’ city walks

Vienna is known as the capital of music al over the world and thus attracts with its musical heritage friends of music from around the world. So what is more obvious than to embark on the trail of the most famous classical musicians and composers.

But this is now easier said than done. Because especially in the inner city of Vienna every even the most narrowest streets have a story to tell and very often it is also about a famous composer.

So what to do? One possibility would be of course to gather all the information before your trip, consider a route through the city center and surrounding districts, and then hopefully do not to overlook anything. That sounds not only time consuming, it is, but how else can you discover the traces of the historical figures best?

Now this is quite easy thanks to the Vienna Tourist Board, there are already ready worked out nice and cozy city walks like the Mozart walk, Haydn walk , Johann Strauss walk and many more. So you do not need more than downloading your walk and you are ready to go, including detailed descriptions. So you can explore the city on your own. And if you need help with the route just let Christian or me know and we'll help you to find your way through Vienna.

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse

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