Off to the chocolate paradise in Prater

Hello dear blog readers,

my name is Laura and I'll tell you about a trip that Stephanie and I made together this time.

Maybe you have heard of it before. The Chocolate Museum Vienna in Prater is not an ordinary museum, it combines history with fun and games. From information about the chocolate farmers to sculptures made out of real chocolate, everything is there.

Stephanie and I started with a race. At the same time we drove off. She with the Vespa and I with the tram. I took the tram 43 to the Schottentor and then the U2 to the Praterstern. She won.

The chocolate paradise waits...

Chocolate Museum Vienna Prater
Chocolate Museum Vienna Prater

Anyway, a little late, we entered the museum together. Since we could hardly imagine anything, we were very curious. At the cashier we were offered a piece of their homemade chocolate. I accepted it thankfully. We waited a moment and met the siblings and managing directors Jovana and Bojan Misaljevic. Bojan led us through the museum and told us a lot about the different areas.

Covering 2000 square meters, there are areas of history, jungle, games, workshops and sculptures. In the entrance area you start to register with your name, e-mail address etc. Then you enter an entrance room, in which you learn more about the history of cocoa beans and you can see chocolate figures of Marie Antoinette and her husband Louis XVI. Then follows the jungle, where the cocoa farmers are described in more detail and where you can try different games. You score points and the higher the score, the bigger the prize at the end. Finally, you enter a room full of chocolate sculptures. From the chocolate rabbit to the white shark, everything is included. The soothing music in the room accompanies the stay pleasantly.

Chocolate Museum Vienna Prater
Chocolate Museum Vienna Prater

Then we went back upstairs and conducted an interview with the manager. The interview showed us even more how excited he is about his work and the museum. He is convinced that one should really love his profession. Even from Vienna he spoke only in the highest tones. He had already lived in many locations, but can not imagine anything more beautiful than Vienna. He appreciates the beautiful parks and the selection of attractions. He is constantly exploring the city, there is always something new to discover.

In the end we went to the workshop area with integrated shop. One who loves chocolate feels like heaven there. There are many different varieties of chocolate to buy. From chocolates to chocolate bars to chocolate high heels, there is everything. Although we did not attend the workshop, we were allowed to taste the delicious chocolate. Kindly we were given chocolates, which I was very happy about.

... and then off to the Prater & Shopping

Chocolate Museum Vienna Prater
Chocolate Museum Vienna Prater

Bojan and Jovana have chosen a very nice location. Directly at the Prater you can experience other attractions after the museum. You can ride a variety of roller coasters, make a go-cart race or marvel at the giant wheel Vienna from above. I called my friend to meet at the Prater and we spent the rest of the day together. Stephanie meanwhile made her way home.

Due to the heat, we first bought a slush ice and then walked down the street. I must admit, in the evening the Prater looks a lot more spectacular, but it is a nice alternative for a family trip, even during the day, since there is something for everyone. There are also some nice eateries where you can sit down comfortably for a meal or just for a coffee. After some walking around we drove to the Lugner City shopping center to get some things and drove home exhausted.

This was my day at the Chocolate Museum Vienna followed by a Prater stroll and shopping trip.

Greetings, Laura

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