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Museumsquartier in Vienna - museums, restaurants, shopping and more
MQ Main Facade - Evening Photo: Ali Schafler

Last week I promised you to tell you more about the amazing place Museumsquartier. As you might know I grew up in the 7th district, not far away from Museumsqartier. In my childhood, the whole area was not really open to the public and, well, not very impressive.

A place rich in history

At that time long ago it also had another name, Messepalast (fair palace), an interesting name for such a building. The name came from the fact that for a long time it was the location of the Messe Wien which held their events there.

Originally, so really a long time ago, the Museumsquartier was built as imperial stables, which were then sold after the end of the monarchy, as they were no longer needed. Since 1921, the area was utilized for events and fairs. In the 1980s, the discussion on the further use of this vast area started. On results it was agreed on in the late 1990s. In 2001, the Museumsquartier opened its doors to the public.

Now what is waiting for you in the Museumsquartier? Today it is one of the cultural and trendy hotspots in Vienna and one of the world's largest art and cultural areas. Along with the beautiful courtyards, cafes and restaurants and of course the boutique shops, it is a very special place right in the heart of the city.

Contemporary art meets old masters

Museums and culture in the Museumsquartier
MQ Courtyard Photo: Hertha Hurnaus

Let's start with the cultural highlights. There are several museums waiting for you each with a unique offer. About the Leopold Museum, I have already told you in last week's blog. So if you want to see it then you can easily buy the tickets online and print your tickets already at home.

Another very special museum is the mumok- Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation Vienna. It is one of Europe's greatest museum of art since modernism with an exceptional collection of major works of Classical Modernism, Pop Art, Fluxus and the Vienna activism to current film and media arts. Tickets you get online.

It continues with the Architekturzentrum - the Austrian Museum of Architecture. It is the exhibition-, event- and research center on architecture and building culture and enjoys national and international high reputation. A highlight during the summer months are the architecture walks through Vienna where you will get to know Vienna from a very new perspective.

In the Kunsthalle Wien, the exhibition center of the city of Vienna an exciting exploration of international contemporary art waits for you.

Dance, performance and the unusual

Dance and more in the Tanzquartier Vienna
Tanzquartier Wien Photo: Karolina Miernik

But not only museums are the cultural fixed points but also a number of venues that are waiting for you with an exciting program.

Let's start with the Tanzquartier Wien - Center for Contemporary Dance, Performance, Art, and Theory. Here, as the name says it all revolves around the theme of dance, with a focus on contemporary dance and performance. You can look forward to exciting and fascinating performances.

A bit smaller the Quartier21 is. Here you will find numerous, around 50, young and smaller cultural institutions. Look forward to new topics and event formats.

For events Halle E + G are widely used. For example parts of the Wiener Festwochen or the Impuls Tanzfestival take place here.

Relax and unwind

Restaurants, bars and cafes - everything is there in the Museumsquartier
Cafe Restaurant HALLE Photo: Cafe Restaurant HALLE

So much culture of course makes you hungry and thirsty, but do not worry, here too the offer is very fine.

You just need to decide whether you prefer to go to Glacisbeisl, the Cafe Leopold, in the Kantine, in the cafe at the Kunsthalle Wien, in the Cafe Bar of the Dschungel Wien, to the MQ daily, to Corbaci or pop into the Cup Cakes Vienna. The offer is really huge as you can see. A full overview can be found on the website of the Museumsquartier.

Well nourished, you may then proceed explroing the Museusmquartier. Or do you want to relax on one of the Enzis and Enzos? You've never heard of the Enzis? You can not fail to see them. They are the colorful, oversized benches that already got worldwide cult status.

Exciting things for children

Highlights for children in the Museumsquartier
wienXtra-kinderinfo Photo: Bubu Dujmic

For children there is a special offer, the ZOOM Children's Museum. Here it is all about trying, doing, playing,.... Children can enjoy with all their senses, what is available in four different areas: the exhibition, ZOOM Atelier, ZOOM animation studio and the ZOOM ocean. About the ZOOM I have also reported some time ago here in the blog.

Another exciting offer for the DSCHUNGEL Wien, a hub for art and culture for a young audience. It waits with a varied program of various forms of theater to opera and dance theater.

If you need more info, what more Vienna has to offer for kids just drop in the wienXtra- kinderinfo.

From the culinary side there is also a separate tender for the youngest visitors, the kiosk kids snack.

Shopping and more to finalise

The Enzis and Enzos in the Museumsquartier
MQ Enzos Photo: Wolfgang Simlinger

There are also many great shopping locations in the Museumsquartier. Whether, in one of the museum shops, bookstores or in one of the fancy design shops, the selection of very special pieces and souvenirs is huge.

Free WiFi is available in the whole area. So, did I make you want to go there? Yes?

Directly from the apartments you get there quite easily. Either with the tram 43 and the metro U2 or you take the rapid train S45 to Ottakring (just one station) and then the metro U3 directly to the Museumsquartier.

Enjoy your Easter Sunday,
Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse

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