Once there was a grape...

Grapes in autumn
Grapes in autumn

Today it is all about wine, or rather its "precursors" because now is again a very special season in the year. But just read for yourself.

You have already noticed it, the summer is slowly fading to the next year and now fall is coming to Vienna. The days are getting shorter and in the morning it is quite fresh. During the day until early evening you can still enjoy the warm temperatures on sunny days. What would be better on such a wonderful late summer day than after a leisurely walk make a stop in a Heurigen (wine tavern).

And there it is then written: Sturmzeit (stormy times), or perhaps even fresh Staubiger (dusty wine). What now? Are stormy times announced, so unpacking windjacket is recommended? Is it dirt alarm? If you read this, then be happy, sit down comfortably and just enjoy. Sturm and Staubiger are two very tasty precursors of the wine.

From grape to wine

Vineyard in Hernals
Vineyard in Hernals

But one step after the ofther. After the harvest, the grapes are pressed and grape juice is produced, or even (sweet) must.

If the whole must is not drunk, but stored, it begins to ferment, and we have the Sturm (storm), which simply denotes the young wine still in its fermentation phase. So it often tastes a bit sweeter and more intense after grapes and does not have so much alcohol.

If the fermentation is almost completed, this still unfiltered wine is called Staubiger (dusty wine). This tastes then much more dry and has already more alcohol than the storm.

Wine taverns (Heurige) in Vienna and here in Hernals

zünftige Heurigenjause
zünftige Heurigenjause

In any case, both Sturm and Staubiger go very well together with a hearty snack at a Heurigen (wine tavern). But I have to let you know, too big amounts of both drinks can have a very digestive effect and can the next day also cause some headache. But enjoyed with measure and goal, these early stages of wine are two tasty companions for the warm autumn days.

Here nearby the apartments there are some very nice and cozy Heurige. There is the Dornbacher PfarrerHeurige Sissi Huber10er MarieHeurige Stippert and Heurige Herrgott aus Sta. But also in the Liebstöckl, Ottakringer Landhaus or at Brandstetter you get these tasty drinks.

In this sense, enjoy your meal!

A list of further Heurige in Vienna can be found on the website of the Vienna Tourist Board.

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