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Here in the blog I not only want to tell you about exciting things in Vienna, Hernals and the apartments but in between also give you a little insight what Christian and I do. As we do not have a typical day, every day is different and exciting for us.

What I want to tell you about today is the Castlecamp 2015 in Kaprun where Christian and I were at the weekend. What this Castlecamp is you might ask now? By definition it is a Barcamp, an ad hoc non-conference (in so-called sessions) where the program is created only by the participants. More on the definition can be found on the website of the Castlecamp. Particularly for us as a small business such events are simply ingenious, because we get a bit out of the daily business and come with lots of inputs and ideas back.

Like a big family reunion

This year it was for us the second time that Christian and I were are at the Castlecamp and we were this time just as enthusiastic as the previous year. Because somehow it's like a big family reunion and you are really looking forward meeting colleagues exchanging information and see what had happened during the year.

It all started on Friday evening with a first get-together in the Auhof. Before that we relaxed a bit in the Tauernspa Kaprun as our hotel, Lederer’s Living which I can highly recommend, offered free entry to that.

Saturday morning we started full of energy and after a short introduction and planning the sessions started. This year the range of subjects was large, social media, KPIs or the process of a perfect website relaunch. In between stimulating discussions with colleagues from.

After an eventful day, the evening continued in the Dorfstadl.

Still a bit tired we then started into the Sunday sessions where again interesting and exciting topics waited.

But it are not just the sessions and discussions that make the Castlecamp so interesting but also to the same extent the many discussions with our colleagues in between as here very exciting ideas and things come out.

If you want to make yourself a very comprehensive picture of what the two days brought to us all then Günter Exel has the perfect coverage for you. Click here for the Castlecamp 2015 day 1 and day 2.

After the camp is before the camp


With many participants it will probably be a reunion at the Tourismuscamp in Eichstätt in January, where it then continues with many new ideas and exciting inputs. This year, for example, Eichstätt resulted in a cooperation with Dörte Behrmann Energa PR. With her we are currently looking at the implementation of a new product for a PR coaching mainly via Skype and other media. A very exciting thing which I will write you about later on.

By the way, at this point a huge thank you to my mom and dad, because the two took care of the office and our guests. For the first time in their life and they really did a great job.

And in one of the upcoming blog posts I have again a tip from Hernals for you, something that has to do with getting a very private insight to Vienna

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse


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