Organic honey from Hernals

Honigstadt - Honey from Vienna
Honigstadt - Honey from Vienna

Did you know that you get really good honey in Vienna? I mean one which actually comes from Vienna, where the bees flew around in the city and in the Vienna Woods? I had already heard about it, but I have not dealt with it yet. Until I got to know in our foodcoop Uli and Karl Heller, which are Vienna's only Demeter organic beekeeping. With the sounding name: Honigstadt. Very suitable for a honey produced in Vienna.

Recently I met them and talked with them about their honey and their passion of bees. And already during the conversation it becomes very clear, that is really a very special honey that the two make here. From the construction of hives made of local spruce wood, to the care of bees and the production of honey, here everything is handmade, with much love and care, of the two.

The passion for bees began for Karl already as a child. Karl has always been a keen beekeeper. And Uli has always been interested in it. When they moved to Hernals, this was the ideal location for them to have the beehives right near their place of residence. Because they are in the Schwarzenberg Park at the Manameierei and in Pötzleinsdorfer Schlosspark, right at the top. So real bees from Hernals.

I did not know that the city was an ideal habitat for bees, but the two explained it to me. The fact that we have no agriculture in the city of Vienna and almost always something blossoms, the bees find sufficient food, without agricultural poisons. What they never wanted to do was roof-top beekeepers, as they're just too happy to be out in the beautiful nature.

Their honey is then produced in Lower Austria in their house, because the one-time attempt to move the production (spinning and filling) into the flat, ended that the whole floor (and more) was just picky. The honey here from Neuwaldegg is a fine lime blossom honey, as there are beautiful lime trees in the Schwarzenberg Park, and the bees from Lower Austria bring the mountain flowers into the glass. Because that is also so special about their honey, it is the 100% pure product. He is hurled and bottled. That's it. Not heated, no additives. And every year also controlled and analyzed, and each time the inspector is simply delighted with the quality, because such a good honey is almost gone. That's why they are also Demeter certified.

In addition to honey Uli also makes a great lip balm and cream, with propolis. I've already tried both, better said in running use, and I'm just thrilled. And if you get the cream honey from Honigstadt, which is made with a lot of love by Karl, then grad it. For two weeks, it is stirred twice daily for at least 15 minutes.

Where do you get the great products from Uli and Karl? In selected organic food stores and this includes the great Biogreisslerei Zur goldenen Ameise, next to the Linden pharmacy. So from the apartments only a few steps away. Furthermore you get the honey at the Manameierei im Schwarzenbergpark (perfect for a relaxing walk in the Vienna Woods), the Filmgalerie 8 1/2, in the Kräuterdrogerie and in the Naturkost St. Josef.

More about Uli, Karl, their children Marika and Pauli, the wonderful honey, the bees,..... you can find on their website and also on Facebook.

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