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After 2015 is coming nearer and nearer, I have a short look back at our year 2014 for you, as much has happend here in the Appartements Ferchergasse.

What can be reported from the apartments?

In the apartments as in previous years much has been going on, many planned things and some quite spontaneous and unplanned ones.

One of the most visible changes is the new website and the many new things like business cards, flyers, T-Shirts,.... At the beginning of May, we started with our new design and new domain and are still very excited about it. For you, this means even more information and easier navigation on our website.

Ready in time for the summer season we made the seating in the courtyard, so you now have more possibilites to make yourself comfortable in our little green courtyard.

Also in the apartment itself, we have again done more than the usual annual renovation works. Apartment F21/7 got 3 new single beds and a new door to the bedroom which is now entirely of wood and thus no lights from the anteroom can disturb your sleep.

The topic sleeping comfort we also worked on in the apartments 1 and 2. Here we attached additional curtains to the terrace windows.

Something of which all our guests benefit in the apartments in the Ferchergasse 19 and 21 is the faster internet. Just try it and surf around. The code can be found in each apartment next to the phone:-)

Bücher und mehr

All apartments that had (empty) bookcases, like F21/7, F21/18, H03, R02 and R26 are now equipped with many books. And if you like one very much, you can take it with you. Maybe you can leave another one there instead.

In fall, one more parking space in the garage next door got available for us. So this means more parking space for you if you travel by car to Vienna.

Well, last but not least, the unplanned event. With the beginning of December we got a new apartment here in the house in the Ferchergasse 19, Apartment 9. This one kept us quite busy the last 3 weeks with renovation works and getting  all the furniture and decoration.

The result: since 23rd December 110m² apartment and 40m² garden are waiting for you. Much space to really make yourself a comfortable stay.

What else did we do?

As I might have told you, I started my training for getting a qualified tourism marketing manager in November 2013. Five months were then dedicated to tourism and markting. It was an exciting time, with many new inputs I can use for my daily work. And most importantly, I have met many inspiring colleagues. In April, after passing my written and oral examination, I am now officially a graduated tourism marketing manager.

At the beginning of September, Christian and I went for a weekend to Kaprun to take part in a very exciting tourism event: the Castlecamp, an event from tourism professionals for tourism professionals. 2 days were dedictated to creativity, networking, sharing, knowledge and also fun. Back home we are full of ideas for the apartments and for our guests, so for you.

You see, 2014 lots of things were going on here in the Appartements Ferchergasse.

Well and our plans for 2015, that is something you will read here in the blog next week, then it is already next year.

So I wish you a Happy New Year and all the best, health and success. I really look forward to welcoming you here in the Ferchergasse (again) as our guest 2015.

Many Greetings from Vienna

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