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Christmas, the holidays and New Year's Eve are fast approaching. So it is time to think about what you would like to do and experience in Vienna these days.

Some planning is a good idea, because especially during the holidays shops are closed or have other opening times, restaurants are happy if you reserve in time, ....

Christmas holidays & New Year's Eve in Vienna ...

Christmas & New Year's Eve in Vienna
Christmas & New Year's Eve in Vienna

The range of events and possibilities to experience Vienna is huge and manifold as usual. Especially when it comes to Christmas and New Year's Eve, it is good to book in time, because places are usually very sought after.

The best and easiest overview of what is going on in Vienna can be found as usual on the website of the Vienna Tourist Board. There get all the information about the holidays, summarized in a document to print. Whether it’s a glamorous New Year's Eve gala, a classic Christmas concert, a legendary New Year's Eve party or the New Year's Eve trail with the whole family, you have the choice.

The New Year's Eve trail is really the largest event in the city center at New Year’s Eve. Because it transforms the whole district into one huge event. From music to party to a colorful children's program in the afternoon, there is something for every taste. All information about the New Year's Eve trail can be found here.

If you want to celebrate Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve in a restaurant, then remember to book in time. Because usually there are special menus or even own events. Just have a look at which restaurants are open for Christmas and New Year's Eve and then make your reservation right away. Christian and I are also happy to help you to find a good restaurant.

Would you like to spend the evening in your apartment and prepare something delicious for you, remember that the 24.12 and 31.12 are Sundays, so all shops are closed. And on 25.12, 26.12 and 1.1 as well as these days are holidays. So a bit of planning is good. Do you still need inspiration for recipes, then have a look at Vienna Sunday Kitchen.

... and in Hernals.

Christmas and New Year's Eve in Hernals
Christmas and New Year's Eve in Hernals

What is going on here in Hernals? Here, too, Christmas and New Year's Eve are celebrated appropriately. The restaurants around our apartments are all open.

In Liebstöckl there is a fine holiday menue with specialties such as carp or fish soup. The restaurant is open on 24.12 and on 31.12.

If you are in the mood for a party, on the 31st of December the Brandstetter welcomes the New Year with open end.

Christian and I will celebrate the New Year’s Eve with the family. From the garden of my parents-in-law you have a fantastic view over Vienna (only in winter, because the trees have no leaves). And so we see all the fireworks at midnight. In any case, this evening includes Manner's lucky fish, dancing waltzes at midnight, and then watching the broadcast of New Year's Concert on television the next day. A little tradition has to be. Oh yes, we are also in the office on 1.1.18, as every year.

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