Strudel for All

What would Vienna be without its pastries and sweets? One of them has just now its high season as the fresh apple harvest season is already here : the apple strudel.

From only a few ingredients this delicious pastry is made and hast its permanent place in the sweet Viennese cuisine. Add to that a bit of whipped cream and a fine coffee and raedy is the perfect afternoon snack .

If you want to take this piece of Vienna back home too, my dear readers and guests, wouldn't it be fine if you could make the strudel by yourself (and thus can enchant friends and neighbors with the newly acquired baking knowledge).

This is exactly what you can learn in the first (and so far only :-)) Strudel Show at Cafe Residenz at Schönbrunn Palace. Daily from 10am in the morning it is all about cutting (apples) , drawing (pastry) and baking. Here you will learn every step from cutting the apples to the perfect dough up to baking the perfect strudel. And at the end of the demonstration of course the tasting may not be missed . What you get too, of course, is the recipe for the perfect apple strudel.

All information about the strudel show can be found on the Website of the Cafe Residenz

Enjoy the strudel!

Greetings  from the Appartements Ferchergasse
Stephanie .

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