Surfing and more in Vienna

Water sports in Vienna - Wakesurfing and more
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Wakeboarding, wakesurfing, whitewater swimming, kayaking, stand-up paddeling one probably associates less with Vienna. But quite the opposite is true, because all that can really be done here. So no need to travel far away.

To be more specific, you just have to go towards the Danube and there the full program waits for you. So what will cool you during the hot summer days right now?

Well, there is wakeboarding at the Wakeboard lift on the New Danube and afterwards you can then relax at the beach bar (or start right there watching the people trying wakeboarding)

Not far away is then rafting, kayaking and white water swimming possible in the water arena directly on the Danube Island.

Stand-up Paddeling you can try already at three places: in Gänsehäufl, at sailing school Hofbauer and at the Vienna City Beach.

And if you want Hawaii feeling with surfing, then you can find it from today on directly at the Danube Marina in Vienna's first Wakesurfcenter.

You see, it does not always have to be the public swimming pool during summer time, Vienna has much to offer even for the water sports.

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse

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Comment by mburn |

Bald sperrt der Wakeboard Lift in Wien wieder auf. Entweder bereits dieses Wochenende, oder spätestens am 01. Mai. Wird werden sicher dabei sein, sofern es sich terminbedingt ausgeht. Bilder und Infos findet ihr auch da:

Comment by mbre |

Seit letztem Wochenende hat der Wakeboardlift Wien wieder offen!

Comment by Surfplatz |

You can find all places to surf and wakeboard in Vienna on