The house without eyebrows

The Looshaus in Vienna - a house that created a scandal
Looshaus ©WienTourismus / Peter Koller

Today I bring you into the world of Viennese architecture as I am sure you have already have noticed, that Vienna has so much to offer. And many buildings and places have their very own unique story, official and inofficial ones.

A house that provided excitement

So today I want to tell you a bit more about the Looshaus, situated in the first district on Michaelerplatz. Because that house really created excitement at its time when it was built.

But to start in the beginning. 1909 the order was given for a new address of a posh clothing store. Vienna was at that time strongly influenced by Art Nouveau, with its lush and often extravagant floral designs and buildings. Well and then came the Viennese architect Adolf Loos and built in the middle of the city this house. The Viennese were horrified. A simple functional building, with no obvious facade, no window roofing as usual at that time, just a simple facade.

Due to this fact the house got his nickname "the house without eyebrows" and many Viennese still call it like that today. It is said, that even Emperor Franz Joseph avoided as far as possible to see this house.

To appease the Viennese a compromise was agreed on. The windows got flower boxes in front, so that you have at least a little bit decoration.

Simplicity meets Extravagance

Inside of the building very few remembers of the simplicity that it shown outside. Here precious materials were used for the representative rooms to fit for the purpose of establishing here a classy men's fashion business. Today you can find a bank office in the Looshaus and the rooms on the ground floor are used for customer traffic. Therefore you can quite easily visit at least the ground floor of the house without any admission.

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