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The Vienna State Opera - world famous Opera house
Wiener Staatsoper © WienTourismus/Christian Stemper

In the last few days, the Vienna State Opera was again very present at least in the Austrian media. Being used as a location for the the latest production of Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise it attracted many onlookers.

An opera house with world fame

It was not necessary that the Vienna State Opera hat this hype as it is known not only in Austria but also far beyond its borders as renowned opera house, and not just because of the opera ball. For opera lovers it is really an absolute must when visiting Vienna.

From 3rd September on the new season starts again, the full program you find in the program overview. Booking in advance if you want to see a certain performance is strongly recommended. We have a guest who has already bought the tickets for next spring so that he really can see the opera performances he wants. For last minute you can try getting one of the remaining tickets or standing room.

An opera house with a huge variety

However, the opera offers not only an almost year-round top-class opera program for you but also has much more to offer.

First, you can make a guided tour and learn more about what is happening behind the scenes, the architecture and the history of the house.

Are you planning an exclusive and unusual event? Then you have the possibility to rent various rooms in opera, it
does not have the whole house like the Opernball :-)

Keyword Opernball, once a year the whole opera turns into a grand ballroom with a hustle and bustle.

For children, the opera has a special program, the children's opera in the children's opera tent on the rooftop terrace of the Opera House.

An opera house that has simply more to offer

In the months of April, May, June and September, the opera has to accordingly to the season a very special offer, here you can take advantage too see selected performances you directly in front of the Opera House as part of
"opera live on site" via live broadcasts free of admission.

And even if you are not so thrilled about going to the opera, the mere sight of the illuminated opera in the dark
is worth to stop by. The hot dog stand behind the opera by the way has almost cult status in Vienna ....

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