The year 2015 in the apartments

Now the new year is only a few days away, so time to make a brief review of what has been done in the Appartements Ferchergasse in this year. And it were many things again. But read it by yourself. Of course you could also scroll through Facebook, but reading this summary is faster.

The beginning of the year was, as always, dedicated to the annual mending and renovation works.

Lots was done in apartment 9 too (you know the one we just got a short before Christmas 2014). Here the second bathroom came along and once it was a bit warmer we have made it to the garden. So that you could then enjoy in time for the summer season the comfy garden, including all outdoor furniture and a parasol. Having everything finished we also got new photos taken from our photographer Ilse Lahofer.

second bathroom in Apartment 9  Garden works in Apartment 9  Garden works in Apartment 9 part 2  Comfy garden in Apartment

In the summer it went on in the apartments H03, R02 and R26. All hall got a new cupboard in the ante room, so you have even more storage space here now. And the kitchen got a complete overhaul too. Again, you now have more storage space and it fits better into the overall picture of the apartments. Now just before Christmas we again dedicated some time to the apartments and equipped all of them with cozy curtains. They are really more homey now.

new kitchens in the apartments H03, R02 and R26  new curtains in the apartments H03, R02 and R26

Also in the summer we have made in apartment 2 the patio windows and new water heaters in the apartments 1 and 6.

Also in the house in the Ferchergasse we have a few new features. In the whole staircase, we now have an automatic light, so you never have to search for the light switch again. And also for the entrance we have a simplification, if you arrive late in the evening and we would not be in office.

So you see, lots of things were done in 2015 again in the apartments. But we also have already made a lot of plans for 2016. But about them I will tell you more soon ....

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse


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