Things to consider before visiting Vienna


Filled with architectural splendidness and rich cultural settings Vienna is a great attraction for many well-travelled individuals. It embraces its history with many museums to explore and traditional buildings to engage with.

I had the opportunity to stay in the heart of Vienna when I travelled from England, and Stephanie and her team accommodated me well in the Appartements Ferchergasse. I found that for the UK traveller in particular where history has a similar standing, you’ll find there are many similarities between the two as myself and Stephanie discussed, making it an ideal city for your travels. But how is it similar exactly? Let me take you through it.

ocean-sky©Hans Köppen
ocean-sky©Hans Köppen

Easy Way Of Living

Many say that the UK lifestyle can be different for everyone stretching from busy to a more relaxed atmosphere depending on the area you go to. This is why so many people from abroad choose to apply for a UK visa and make their way to the country. If you’re used to the more relaxed atmosphere of the scale however, then Vienna’s overall atmosphere will be no different to home. A big cultural similarity that Brits will be able to relate to is the cafes that are widely present around the city. If it’s the tea you love in a comfortable setting then it’s completely ideal for you.

Tram Transport System

Cities like Manchester and London are well known for having their easy access transport systems that help explorers get around easily and Vienna’s famous 1 Tram provides the same opportunity. The inner parts of the city are ringed by traces of the old medieval wall which the 1 Tram covers. It helps with travelling to many popular points such as museums and shopping joints and it also provides the luxury of hopping on and off when you need to, so you never miss a thing.



Who doesn’t like food? With such a diverse population in the UK, it has helped to influence the restaurant scene in the UK, providing a range of cuisines to choose from. For Vienna, there’s more to their Viennese food than just Schnitzel. There are plenty of traditional dishes to choose from such as Kasekrainer which is a bratwurst sausage filled with hot and bubbly Emmental cheese.

If you’re more of the type for a good kebab to settle the stomach, there’s a well-known Lale Turkish restaurant in Schwedenplatz. There’s the opportunity to eat in and take out but let’s just say it’s more sophisticated than the standard kebab you may have after a night out in the UK!

Swimming Summer Time

If there’s one thing that can really attract Brits to Austria, then it’s the Summer season where temperatures really hit their peak. It may be surprising to some considering the skiing culture that Austria embraces but it can be gloriously hot and the Viennese love a good swim to enjoy it. Water Sport activities are available at beaches that are scattered around the local areas.

If you love swimming that much then you can even go night swimming in the ‘Donut Forest Pool’ which towers over the Danube for a great view.


Vienna with Locals
Vienna with Locals

Local language in Vienna can come in different forms and it’s less likely that you’ll find your way around better if you just stick to English. The majority of locals can be fluent in English but there will be many words that the English language won’t have that provides you with the chance to express yourself in Vienna. For the Viennese language, it has a dialect that has a different influence compared to Germany with dialects ranging from Yiddish to Turkish. This provides a complexity to the language where wider meanings and words are used. If you gain a fairly good understanding of the language spoken in Vienna then you’ll come familiar with your surroundings before you even know it.

Have you ever seen Vienna in your holiday search but never knew whether it was worth it? Well, hopefully I’ve outlined enough here to make you think otherwise. There’s plenty to explore and much to do so next time you’re in two minds about it, don’t be!


This article was contributed by Jennifer Ranking.

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