This was our 2017 ....

New Year's Eve in Vienna
New Year's Eve in the Appartements Ferchergasse

2017 is over with today and therefore it is the ideal time to briefly look back, what has been done this year in our apartments.

The biggest and most noticeable changes are the new bathrooms in apartments 5,6 and 7. They have now been completely redone and look really great.

Finalized and now in full operation are the roof windows in the apartments 1,3 and 4. Very useful is the rain sensor which automatically closes the windows when it starts to rain.

There is also something new in apartment F21/18, here we have completely renewed the kitchen.

Of course, the annual painting and renovation work was also done wherever necessary.

And then, when everything was ready, Georg our brilliant photographer came again and took pictures of the apartments. We are simply thrilled with the result.

Well and even more ... For the very first time in the history of the Appartements Ferchergasse we had an intern. For two weeks he actively supported us and got to know all processes here. And here in the blog you could read an article written by him.

For me 2017 has also brought a lot. I completed my training as a yoga teacher and also as a Pilates coach. So if you would like to take a yoga or Pilates class, I'm looking forward to seeing you. Or you drop in the studio around the corner GesundheitLernen, because here I teach regularly.

I thank you so much, that you read so eagerly here in the blog and I am happy to provide you also in 2018 with many exciting and interesting reports from Vienna and Hernals.

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse


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