Vienna awakens...

Kutschkermarkt	© WienTourismus Paul Bauer
Kutschkermarkt © WienTourismus Paul Bauer

The last post is now half a year ago and when I read it, I can still feel the mischievous look of myself, concocting further ideas and plans for the apartments, in order to make them subtly tasty for Christian bit by bit. So that in the end he is firmly convinced that it was his idea.

And then everything was different. It started slowly, with a few cancellations, but then they became more and more and in the end it was very quiet. I often had the feeling that the apartments are now in a deep sleep and wait until they are allowed to wake up again. The past few weeks have been very ambivalent. On the one hand the apartments and all of Vienna, closed, forced break, time to relax. On the other hand, I was / still am, pretty much in use with the Yoga Pilates studio where I work, where I am currently changing a lot. All in all, very exciting times that we spent healthy and with a lot of confidence. Confidence that things will definitely continue. Confidence that some things will change, but we will continue and welcome for a very long time guests in the Appartements Ferchergasse. Because a real Viennese does not go under. And Viennese charm and hospitality defy every virus.

And so the city is waking up again. It almost feels like nothing ever happened. There are still some visible remains, which may remain forever. But otherwise, everything is open again, you can move around freely in Vienna, all sights can be visited again and now you can travel again.

So what's left of these experiences of the past few weeks? I leave this question here because it is probably different for everyone to answer.

What's left for me? What is left for us? The hectic pace of the previous months, the fast pace, from one appointment to the next, that was from one day to the next, history. Suddenly there was time, time for me, time for us, time to think about a lot. And also time to lean back, philosophize, and take a new perspective.

However, this fits wonderfully with Vienna. Because Vienna has always been known for its cosiness. Don't be in a hurry, enjoy life, let yourself go in the city and then just get lost. Sit in the sidewalk garden a little longer, even if the waiter takes a - brief - look at the clock. Let your mind wander, order another coffee and enjoy the view of the city. A city that is colorful and full of life, a city in which quality of life, enjoyment, fun, culture are simply part of life. A city that has always been known for its hospitality.

So when are you coming to Vienna?

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