Vienna - Free, but not for nothing

Vienna - free, but not for nothing
Vienna - free, but not for nothing

A few days ago I found an exciting brochure of Vienna which I under no circumstances want to withhold from you as it saves you a lot of money and also brings lots of fun.

The title of today's blog is in fact also the same as the title of the brochure "Free, but not for nothing" which already made me really curious, especially after I discovered the subtitle "365 days free culture in Vienna".

Now, what all can be found in this little booklet where the very title already promises so much? A lot of inspiration and ideas throughout the whole year.

365 days of culture in Vienna - for free

365 days of culture in Vienna - for free
365 days of culture in Vienna - for free

The chapters in the brochure are theater / music, literature, fine arts, film, science and events in the districts.

In addition to the well-known events such as the Film Festival on the Rathausplatz, the Danube Island Festival, the Summer Night Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra or the cinema under the stars, you can also find a wide range of other events and offers that pass almost as an insider's tip.

Do you know the event a city - a book once a year in November? Are you a fan of criminal stories and look forward to go on an exciting thriller night in more than 50 locations? Or during summer, how about cinema in unusual places with the Volxkino? How about in June, 23 days cultural festival in Vienna?

Especially if you are traveling with kids in Vienna, did you know that in the museums of the city of Vienna children under 19 years pay no entry? Or that there is a museum entirely dedicated to children, the ZOOM Children's Museum? Or that even children go to university in the summer?

All this and much more you can find in the brochure "Free, but not for nothing", because all of these activities are free for you.

So whenever you plan your next visit to Vienna, take a look at this brochure it really pays off in any case, because Vienna has a lot to offer in every season.

You can easily download the brochure incidentally (German only unfortunately). Or you take just grab it in our office as I already have ordered a whole stack. Then we can also help you with any language difficulties.

Getting into Christmas mood

Christmas Time in Vienna
Christmas Time in Vienna

This weekend by the way also the Christmas season starts in Vienna and the Christmas markets are waiting again with her evocative offer.

What you can look forward to in the coming weeks I have piled together in two older blog posts of mine, "How Vienna will enchant you with Christmas spirit in the weeks to come" and "Discover facets of Vienna full of atmosphere during Christmas time"

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