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Since Christian and I are often asked, from where you have a beautiful view over Vienna, I have prepared for you today a selection of the most beautiful places.

But only places that are also freely accessible because a beautiful view you also have from the Ringturm right in the the city (I worked there in the past) from the 20th floor, but you really have to have good relations with the facility managers to get up there.

Just the pure view over Vienna


You have several options in Vienna how to combine a great view with something else. If it is just the view you want to have then I recommend variant pure view.

Well, there is the quite easily accessible "mountain" called Kahlenberg. Just drive there by car or take the bus, get out and enjoy the view. There is also a restaurant, a cafe and a hotel there but then we are already at the second variant view and culinary.

The second possibility is very prominent in Vienna, the Wiener Riesenrad (Giant Ferris Wheel). Vienna's prime landmark is known worldwide and easy to reach too. One rotation long you can enjoy the views over Vienna and even do not need to move much. 

View and culinary delights combined

If you want a great view and combine it with something to eat then there is the next variant view and culinary.

Two not so easy to reach places, but with a guaranteed wonderful view over Vienna together with a fine meal are the two Heurigen (wine taverns) Hirt and Reisenberg.

The first one is more casual the latter one a bit more classy. But both offer you delicious food.

Heuriger Hirt is located at the foot of the Kahlenberg and can be reached via the Kahlenbergerdorf.



Also at Weingut Reisenberger it is recommended to leave the car either entirely at home, or at least to park it further away as the road leading up there is more than tight. And a small walk does not hurt anyway.


Close to our apartments you have the Schloss Wilhelminenberg which is a hotel. Here you have a beautiful terrace with a great view of Vienna. So you can sit comfortably there, at a coffee or on Sundays enjoy the Brunch and simply marvel at Vienna. 

Schloss-Wilhelminenberg©Schloss-Wilhelminenberg    Schloss-Wilhelminenberg2©Schloss-Wilhelminenberg

View and sport

If you want to earn the view first, then pick up the variant view and sport.

In the middle of the city you have another famous landmark of Vienna, St. Stephen's Cathedral. Here you have the possibility at the south tower to go upstairs by foot. 343 steps later you then really deserve the view. 

Near Mariahilfer Straße there is the anit-aircraft tower in the sixth district in which the House of the Sea (Haus des Meeres) is located. Here you can either walk upstairs or also climb, because on one side of the tower is a 36m high climbing wall.

And if you like hiking, there's still a very nice combination too. The starting point is again the Kahlenbergerdorf (as for Heuriger Hirt). Only this time it is not for the Heurigen but for the"nose". Yes you read correctly read, this trail is called Nasenweg and leads directly to the Leopoldsberg.

There are many other places from where you have a beautiful view over Vienna, but one or the other tip Christian and I still keep.

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse


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