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Viennese Heurige - more than just food and wine
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Vienna is well known, among many other things, for its coziness and food delights and a special feature are the so called Viennese Heurigen a kind of wine tavern (but definitely more than that, believe me). Something that you really should not miss during your stay in Vienna.

Vienna's world famous wine tavers

A Heurigen is the perfect fusion of Viennese hospitality and fine delicacies, cozy atmosphere and if you're lucky it even has music for you (more details to Heurigen you find on the website of the Vienna Tourism Board, but I rather recommend you instead of reading long spend an evening at a Heurigen).

In Vienna there are some areas where traditionally you will find many wine taverns (mostly in the areas where traditionally wine production can be found), but also around the Appartements Ferchergasse there are some to discover. It does not always have to be crowded Grinzing or Neustift am Walde.

Heurigen nearby

Just a few meters away there is the Heurigen an der Als where you are sitting in the garden directly at the green Alszeile.

Just 2 tram stops away, you can find the Dornbacher Pfarrer, the next "Ausstecktermine" (dates when it is open) are 4.9 - 14.9. Especially on warm evenings, the patio is perfect round off the day.

If you do not mind a short walk, then I can highly recommend you the Heurigen Sissi Huber. Here you have a beautiful courtyard too and a large selection of wines and culinary temptations.

Also not far away is a very wel known Heurigen in Ottakring the 10er Marie, Vienna's oldest Heurigen.

No matter which one you choose, everywhere delicious food, fine wines and good mood are waiting for you. Why seek far afield when the good is so close :-)

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse

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