Plans for Christmas & Silvester?

Christmas holidays in Vienna
Christmas holidays in Vienna

Today is already the third Sunday of Advent so Christmas and the holidays around are no longer far away. Therefore I have prepared for today some tips and inspirations for these days in Vienna and what you should not forget when you plan your trip.

Christmas holidays in Vienna

One thing to begin with, at 24.12, most shops are open only until noon, 25.12 and 26.12 as public holidays more or less everything is closed completely, therefore do your shopping in time then you avoid any pre-Christmas stress.

If you spend these days in Vienna, then you can find on the website of Vienna Unwrapped very fine ideas what you can do in Vienna. Look at the inspirations, I personally think they are really a nice alternative to get a little away from the well-known paths.

Also many of the museums are open on these days, so why not visit one of the many amazing exhibitions?

In between, you can then stroll around at one or the other Christmas market, because some of them are also open until 26.12.

For Christmas Eve itself many restaurants offer you an alternative if you do not want to celebrate at home. Which ones wait with their culinary Christmas delights for you will find in this overview.

Stylish welcome the New Year


After the Christmas holidays, New Year's Eve and the New Year are not far away. And on these days much is going on in Vienna. It is not only the Silvesterpfad that turns the Inner City in a big party zone but this very special day is celebrated throughout the city. So the best, look at this overview where for sure you will find your perfect program.

Do you want to spend the evening with style at a restaurant, then do not forget to reserve the table in time, because there is an huge demand for it. A list that which restaurants are open on the 31.12. you can find on the website of the Vienna Tourist Board.

And then, start 2016 with the famous New Year's Concert, which is live in TV from 11 a.m. on.

You see, much is going on in the days to come in Vienna. Whether you want to spend time pleasant and more quiet or prefer more the hustle and bustle, you will find you perfect days in Vienna.

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse


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