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Christian and I are often asked whether we have ideas or tips for trips that you can easily manage starting here at the apartments. Therefore, I have created on our website a new page "Excursions & More" for you where you can get lots of inspiration for trips and tours.

Vienna has a lot to offer, a fact that you have already noticed, but despite all the great range also the surroundings of the city are worth to be observed as there is also a lot to discover.

One possibility to comfortably discover this area are guided half-day and day trips as for example the Vienna Sightseeing Tours offer you.

Take a boat or ship to explore Vienna’s surrounding


Another great way to experience the wide surroundings of Vienna is by boat. And here you have a really wide selection of excursions.

Whether you plan to discover the Nationalpark Donauauen, marvel at the World Heritage Site Wachau, or simply enjoy culinary delights on a boat trip want, you have all the possibilities.

The Vienna Woods have much to offer too

the specialist for the Vienna Woods - Wienerwald Tourismus
Wienerwald Tourismus

Much of Vienna is surrounded by the Vienna Woods, and this region has quite a lot to offer too. So the good thing is that the specialist Wienerwald tourism has gathered all the information and offers for you and you can also book immediately your package.

Many more insiders‘ tips in the blog

Last but not least there is still the blog where I will write about ideas for excursions and sightseeing trips too. Just select in the tag cloud to "Excursion" and you get an overview of all blog articles relating to this topic.

And now, let yourself be inspired by all the ideas. And if you have any questions or need further advice just let Christian and me know. Together with you we will find the perfect program for you.

Greetings from the Appartements Ferchergasse


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