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Vienna is the most livable city in the world. And rightly so. Because the city has an extraordinary atmosphere and a unique mix of culture, tradition, and modern life, you move on imperial, colorful, diverse paths.

So that you can quickly put together your excellent program, please look at the Vienna Tourist Board website because they are the absolute specialists. If you want to have your program and inspiration always with you, then download the free ivie app from The Vienna Tourist Board. Ivie your digital city guide is the perfect companion through Vienna.

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Sustainable Vienna

  • If you’re looking to have a healthy and sustainable holiday, Vienna is the place to come. From ecological body care to fair fashion to natural food shops, you find on the website of the Vienna Tourist Board.
  • The cultural metropolis of Vienna is responding to climate change with creative, innovative projects. Explore this together with the Austria Guides For Future
  • Environmentally friendly and comfortable on the move in Vienna, is that possible? And how, because Vienna has a phenomenal public transport network. You can get to (almost) any place in Vienna quickly and easily. Take a look at the Wiener Linien website. If you have any questions about the tickets, just let us know.

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Transportation in and around Vienna

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Attention fish is crossing!

Vienna as a marine biology research center… Yes, this was a real plan.

How it all began …

Now maybe you are thinking that this is a contradiction in terms since Vienna and the […]

The house without eye brows

Looshaus Wien (c) Andreas Praefcke

Vienna is known worldwide for its unique architecture. From imperial buildings like Schönbrunn Palace to modern architecture by contemporary visionaries. Many buildings tell their own extraordinary story, which […]

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