For the environment

We are very proud that we achieved the Austrian Ecolabel and the European Ecolabel end of September 2021. Therefore, we look forward to your full support and contribution to a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and resource-saving stay.

As a company, we are committed to complying with many strict criteria for eco-label and having ourselves checked by independent bodies. We’ll take care of that. It’s about our environment, the people who are our guests – you – and the people working for us.

You are welcome to download our sustainability concept. We have put together more details here.

Our contribution

Together we take on ecological and social responsibility by

  • preferring environmentally friendly and regional products,
  • using energy and water sensibly,
  • reducing CO2 emissions,
  • use renewable energy,
  • avoiding or separating waste,
  • training and motivating people who support us in our work,
  • promoting the regional economy,
  • preserving natural diversity and cultural heritage,
  • creating offers for you and the local population,
  • ascertaining the satisfaction of our guests,
  • continuously improving the (environmental) quality of our company,
  • supporting you in planning a sustainable vacation

Your contribution

You see, those are some of the things we are working on. And it’s fun; it challenges us to question ourselves, again and again, to optimize our processes and, above all, to set an example. A sign that everyone can contribute.

We are therefore delighted if you support our actions. What can you do? Here are a few things you can do—more on that for our guests in the virtual guest directory.

  • Close the window when the heating or air conditioning is switched on.
  • Turn off the light when you leave the apartment.
  • Do not let the water run unnecessarily and press the WC economy button; please report dripping taps or leaking toilet flushes.
  • Please separate rubbish into the containers provided; you will have details on this in the virtual guest directory when you are there.
  • When you’re out and about, don’t just leave the rubbish lying around or throw it on the street.
  • Enjoying precious food with appreciation and helping to keep food waste to a minimum.
  • Smoking only where it is permitted, namely in the inner courtyard, the apartments themselves are non-smoking areas.
  • Prefer public transport and bicycles, please ask us.
  • Protect fauna and flora on excursions.
  • Prefer to buy regional, environmentally friendly, and low-waste products. We also have lots of ideas for you.

Active together

We would be happy to get creative yourself and have new ideas on how you can make your vacation even more sustainable. Do you have another suggestion on what we can do better? Any idea what we can optimize in the apartments? An inspiration where our guests and we can do even more. Then please let us know.
Click here for the feedback sheet.

In our blog, by the way, we regularly report to you about the steps we are taking, planned measures, and when we are pleased about successful implementation.

Thank you for your support!

Stephanie & Christian