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Our e-charging stations

We have our own e-charging stations. In cooperation with KW-Solutions, two charging stations are now available in our garage in Ferchergasse. So, if you come with your electric car, you can conveniently park your car with us and fully charge it again.

We have 11KW available, divided between the two charging stations. So, either 5.5 KW or 11KW.

Based on your consumption, billing takes place to the second using a calibrated meter. You can then conveniently pay directly at the terminal.

If […]

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Grocery shopping – sustainable & regional in the area

A long conversation with Michael Bauer-Leeb from  Weitsicht – Büro für zukunftsfähige Wirtschaft about sustainability inspired me to put together a good overview of where you can get regional, organic, and sustainable food in the immediate vicinity because there are a few options where you will find it.

The little specialists

Three smaller shops are well distributed over Hernals, so you are supplied with fine things no matter where you are.

Just around the corner from our apartments, on Hernalser Hauptstrasse, next […]

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The house without eye brows

Looshaus Wien (c) Andreas Praefcke

Vienna is known worldwide for its unique architecture. From imperial buildings like Schönbrunn Palace to modern architecture by contemporary visionaries. Many buildings tell their own extraordinary story, which can sometimes be very moving and emotional.

A well-known house in the middle of the city center caused pure horror when it was built in Vienna: the Looshaus in the first district on Michaelerplatz.

When opulent Art Nouveau meets noble simplicity

It all began in 1909. At that time, the house was commissioned […]

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A summer day in Hernals

Currently, Vienna faces absolute summer temperatures, and on these days, you really have to spend the time outside enjoying the great weather. Therefore, I have compiled a nice mixture of how to spend a summer day in Hernals. Very relaxing and easygoing.

Significantly as the temperatures rise, Vienna, like most large cities worldwide, can get hot and stuffy. So let us assume you have already explored Vienna and have done most of the items from your “must-do in Vienna” list. Then why not […]

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Day trip Vienna to… Budapest

Austria and Hungary have a long history together, and the two main cities, Vienna and Budapest, have much in common. And yet they could not be more different.

Since Budapest is only around 250km away from Vienna, it is still possible for a day trip. And it is worth seeing, in any case, almost a pity if you only have one day here.

I am also very much connected with Hungary because my father is Hungarian; therefore, part of my family lives in Hungary. […]

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Discover Vienna from Hernals

Appartements Ferchergasse Innenhof

Yes, we are more on the outskirts, not directly in the center of the city and its hotspots. But this area has charme and many advantages, because it perfectly combines living in the outer parts of the city and yet close to the center. Whereby, the center in Vienna is relative anyway, because in Vienna you will find exciting, impressive, historical, cultural, … places all over the city.

Program for all days

Sunshine, rain, clouds or a bright blue sky. There […]

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