Rückblick und Vorschau 2022

Rückblick und Vorschau 2022

The Review 2022

Somehow December went by faster than expected. As soon as the last month of the year began, Christmas was already here, and now the New Year is approaching with significant, fast steps. So it’s time to look back at what has happened in the apartments this year and look ahead to next year because many new things are waiting for you and us.

But first things first. When I asked Christian to give me an overview of everything we did in the apartments in 2022, the list kept getting longer and longer and longer, and in the end, we were both fascinated by what we did in 2022. Some things were planned long-term, and some things – well, you know us quite well by now – very spontaneously.

I’ll try to do it in chronological order this year, but first, as you’ve probably already seen, we’ve completely redesigned our website and virtual guestbook. New design, content tidied up, and even more apparent. And if you are now reading this article, you will know what I am talking about.

Now back to the apartments. Throughout the year, we renewed the power lines in apartments 1 to 8, so everything is in order again.

March 2022

March was all about renovation and redesign. Apartment 4 has got great new beds – 2 single beds instead of the old double bed – a new closet and a beautiful new floor.

We have renovated Apartment 8 all around. The apartment looks fresh and new, with new beds, floors, and furniture. The curtains had a bit of a lag, though—more on that in June.

There are now new floors in Apartment 7 and our office.

May 2022

May was all about the gardening season. In all of the gardens of apartments 9, H03, and R02, we have more efficiently re-irrigated the watering.

Apartment 9 has excellent new tables and chairs for the outdoors. For even more space and opportunities to enjoy the terrace.

June 2022

In June, it was finally time; the curtains for apartment 8 were there. As I said, some things take a little longer. A new addition is a room divider between the dining area and the entrance to create more privacy.

We are now also super excited about the dry steam device we have been using since the middle of the year. This removes stubborn dirt with full steam power, and everything shines in a fresh, new shine. And it is environmentally friendly anyway because the device does not use any cleaning agents—just water, nothing more.

July 2022

We continue with climate-friendly measures; our two e-charging stations are ready. So you can now conveniently charge your e-car with us.

October 2022

In October, our guests had to get sporty for a few days because the elevator was fitted with a new control system. But that also meant that it was out of order for several days. In other words, a fitness program in the form of climbing stairs was included in the stay.

 November 2022

November brought Apartment F21/7 (finally) a new fridge. 

December 2022

We are now using December to make many plans for 2023. Curious? Then keep reading

Current plans 2023

I consciously write current plans because of our spontaneous decisions. So you can expect the list to be much longer by the end of 2023.

So what do the coming months bring?

Right at the beginning of the year, things start in apartments R02, H03, and R26. The old double beds are going away, and there will be new, super comfortable single beds. The floor is sanded down to shine fresh again for even more sleeping comfort.

A mountain of upholstery will be delivered soon. New, fresh, comfortable cushions. I already use one of them; just fantastic.

When we’re about to sleep, the sofas in apartment 9 will be picked up in a few days, returned fresh, and covered with new fabric in February.

Our carpenter is coming next week, and then we will measure and draw. Because apartment F21/17 gets a new kitchen and we get new office furniture.

Not visible to you, but still important: in apartment 9, we are also renovating the power lines.

Something is also happening in the house at Ferchergasse 19. We’re getting a new front door. The current one is really old. And the whole house gets lightning protection.

So that would be it for now. When I look at the plans for 2023, there is already quite a lot, but the feeling (and experience) says there is more to come. But that’s another story; you can read it in December 2023.

So, in the end, I have one more thing to say: thank you. Thank you for being our guest in the apartments and allowing us to be and will be your hosts. And also, thanks for reading this article to the end.

I look forward to seeing you back at the apartments soon.

All my love Stephanie